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Cost-Effective Post Frame Building Considerations

Post Frame buildings weather better than many other buildings types. Let's look at considerations for a cost-effective post frame building.

What Costs are Associated with Post Frame Construction?

Post Frame Construction costs. Learn some cost components that may be overlooked in building a beautiful, functional post frame building.

Considerations When Hiring a Post Frame Building Contractor

Looking for a Post Frame Building Contractor? Here are a few considerations for choosing the best company for a successful project.

Busting Common Myths About Post Frame Construction

Considering a post frame building for your project? Let's bust a few myths about post frame construction you may have heard.

Stay on Budget When Building your Post Frame Project

Keeping on budget when building your post frame project isn't difficult. Here are a few considerations for a successful build on budget.

7 Tips to Save Money on Your Post Frame Building

To make your beautiful post frame building even more economical than it already is, consider these 7 tips to save money on your post frame building.

Should I Consider Post-Frame Construction for My Commercial Building Project?

Post frame buildings provide some significant advantages for commercial building projects. The open space within, without the obstructive loadbearing supports of conventional construction, a post frame building is perfect for: Retail space Warehouses Office and storeroom combinations Equipment storage Showrooms And, more As post frame techniques and materials continue to evolve, the commercial building industry […]

What About the Cost of a Post Frame Building?

In this post, we compare the cost of a post frame building vs wood stud frame construction. Learn more about the advantages of post frame construction and what to consider when making this decision.

Comparing the Total Cost of Post Frame Buildings vs Traditional Construction

Practicality, energy efficiency, durability, attractiveness, sustainability and a short time to completion are some of the reasons decision-makers like the lower cost of post frame buildings vs traditional construction methods. Here are the facts.

Post Frame Building Type and Size Considerations

Versatile and durable post frame buildings are everywhere. Attractive and easy to maintain, post frame construction is used extensively for barns, schools, and churches, anywhere lots of interior space is needed. Lapsed time from planning to completion is shorter than with traditional construction, and material costs are less.