Post frame construction costs

High-quality post frame construction continues to grow in popularity for commercial and agricultural use. The versatility of these structures, superior durability, flexibility, and economy make them the ideal choice for nearly every purpose. Let’s look at the costs associated with post frame construction.

Often having a shorter total time from design to completion, post frame buildings are a popular choice. They also have reduced site prep time, less labor, and use fewer materials, thus making them the most economical option.

But besides the project’s pre-calculated material and labor costs, what are some cost components that may be overlooked in building a beautiful, highly functional post frame building?

Starting from the Ground Up, Literally

Individuals constructing for agricultural purposes, like a barn or equestrian facility, may already own the real estate where the building will be placed. However, in some instances, people or businesses may purchase new land for their buildings to be used for commercial or other reasons. In either instance, property owners should check with the local governing authority to ensure the proposed construction is acceptable. The local agency will advise about required setbacks, architectural limitations, and more before the project begins.

Permits and Approvals

As the post frame construction plan takes shape, more “red tape” and permits can be involved. These may include site and building permits, as well as authorizations for electric, gas, sewer, and water. These permits can add up to hundreds of dollars depending on the location.

Utility Costs

While utility access is essential for long-term operations, having these available during construction might also be crucial. Connecting water, electricity, gas, and sewer is usually necessary and may cost extra. If water and sewer are unavailable, building owners may need to dig a well and add a septic tank, which can run into thousands of dollars.


Access to the building will depend on where the building will sit and the distance from an existing road or driveway. During the design phase, positioning the structure for easy access and maneuverability should be a primary consideration. Strategic placement can reduce the cost of driveway paving or gravel needed.

Site Preparation

The typical post frame structure demands less site preparation than most other building types. The usual requirement is for the structure’s footprint to be clear and level with some accommodation for drainage. The cost to prepare depends on various factors. Consider rocky conditions, the number of trees to remove, the slope of the existing property, and more. Owners should secure a bid from the excavator to avoid surprises.

Construction Surprises and Materials Disruptions

Working with a proven, dependable post frame company minimizes the potential for unexpected delays. Full-service companies like Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings supply the components while also performing the design and construction. This means they are much more likely to meet timelines.

Choose a Proven, Reputable Post Frame Building Supplier

Owners of new post frame buildings can avoid unexpected costs and delays by working with a longstanding professional post frame company.

Pacemaker Post Frame Builders of North Webster, Indiana, has been a leader in the post frame industry for over four decades. They can help with the design, component supply, and construction process. Specializing in state-of-the-art agricultural and commercial buildings, Pacemaker builds beautiful and durable structures for satisfied customers throughout Northern Indiana, Southwest Michigan, and Northwest Ohio.

To view the diversity and unique styles of many of Pacemaker’s past agricultural and commercial post frame buildings, visit the Pacemaker Gallery of projects completed in recent years.

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