There are almost limitless options for creating productive space in post frame buildings. Whether you are working with a new commercial space or redesigning an older property, you have many directions to pursue. Let’s consider some of the many options for post frame commercial buildings.

Options for Post Frame Commercial Buildings

Storage and Warehousing

Post frame buildings are ideal for storing all types of goods. The vast, open space can accommodate items easily while allowing easy access with the necessary equipment. Without sporadically located vertical beams to contend with, plus the ample vertical open space, operators can move easily and quickly throughout the structure to reach inventory. Additionally, walls can be built in any location as necessary to divide the space to make it work for you. Internal walls can also be removed at a later date if needed.


A well-designed workshop without any imposing posts and walls can be beneficial. A workshop free of obstruction means all the equipment and parts are easily accessible.

Property owners and businesses benefit by having efficient, well-designed workshops within their post frame space. You can add ample shelving or create bonus storage with a mezzanine while still having space to move equipment in and out quickly. You can also create custom lighting solutions for each area. To do this, add electrical circuits and plugs as necessary during the design phase.

Plans for your workshop space could also include a private office, den, or other space to rest and relax.

Retail Space

Post frame buildings make very efficient structures for retail space. With plenty of open space, a post frame building allows plenty of room to market and sell goods. Furthermore,wWith no posts or obstructions within, clients can see and move freely throughout with a full view of all the inventory. You can also easily incorporate extra storage space as well as a private office by installing interior walls. Lighting is key for creating the right aesthetic to appeal to customers and make browsing easy.

Vehicle Repair and Upgrade

Post Frame buildings are a great solution for businesses repairing vehicles. With careful planning, you can provide easy access to your post frame building and lots of room to maneuver. Installing large lifts, hoists and creating bays to work on various vehicles is simple. Furthermore, creating storage areas is easy by adding internal walls, and offices can be built on a mezzanine level to save space. 

Post frame buildings allow multiple vehicles and equipment to operate inside without causing a space problem, and exits can directly line up with equipment.

Adding a Loft

If space in your existing post frame structure is becoming tight, consider moving your office, light storage, or other vital functions to a loft or mezzanine. Adding space by elevating functions can extend the life of your existing building while allowing for workspace below.

In a new or old post frame building, a lofted office can provide privacy from the workings below and suffice as an escape from other activities.

Working with a Knowledgeable Post Frame Building Professional

Being able to perform all your functions without spending resources on unnecessary space is the ideal objective, so efficiency is the crucial first step. An experienced post frame expert can provide necessary input while helping to maintain your budget.

Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings experts offer substantial expertise, advice, and technical suggestions. They will ensure your objectives are met and help you solve any potential problems.

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