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Advantages of Being a Post Frame Construction Worker

Post Frame construction worker is a great place to begin a construction career. Here we cover 6 benefits of choosing a construction career.

Roofing and Insulation Options for Post Frame Buildings

Post frame buildings are extremely energy efficient. The way that the structure is constructed makes it easy to keep energy costs down. Learn the best roofing and insulation options in this article.

Finishing Touches for your Post Frame Building

Post frame construction has advantages over other construction methods. Check out these finishing touches for your post frame building.

Build a Low Maintenance, Highly Efficient Post Frame Home

Considering building a new home to accommodate your family? Learn how efficient and low maintenance post frame homes can be.

The Best Strategies for Caring and Maintaining Post Frame Buildings

Every building requires regular maintenance to retain their strength, appearance, and serviceability. Wooden buildings may need painting or stain while stone and brick gets cleaned, and metal sidings and roofing should be washed and cleared of unwanted debris. Fasteners and bolts must be checked, replaced or tightened throughout to ensure the integrity of the overall […]

Shingles vs Metal Roofing: Which is better for your Pole Building?

In terms of construction materials, there are good reasons for using shingles vs metal roofing on your pole building, the reasons are in this post.

A Post Frame Building is the Most Energy Efficient Solution

Post frame buildings are frequently an ideal solution for budget-driven decision-makers. Fewer materials, less labor, shorter time from design to finish, and more sustainable raw materials are the key drivers to creating a practical and less expensive structure. Ongoing operating and energy costs are an essential cost element, as well. Energy management must always be […]

Most Common Pole Barn Repairs

Over time, post frame buildings may need repairs just like any other structure. Upgrading may be essential for older buildings that were constructed without the newest technologies and materials that last a lifetime. However, even with the older structures, repairing or reconfiguring is easier than making similar repairs on conventional-type constructions.

How to Insulate Your Post Frame Walls

If you have a versatile, durable, and economical post-frame or pole-barn building, insulation may be necessary. In our area, we have weather that makes it uncomfortable for people, animals, and equipment as well as unsuitable for running water and many stored products and supplies.

Quality Lumber Makes a Quality Post Frame Building

Because wood components are the essential elements of post frame construction, the quality of the lumber is critical. According to the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB), a notable difference can exist between the two commonly used grading systems, Machine Stress-Rated (MSR) and Visual Grading. Why Must Lumber Be Graded? In decades past, all lumber was […]
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