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While the demand in the construction industry remains strong, the supply of skilled workers is reducing rapidly and is expected to worsen. With an estimated 26% of construction workers retiring by 2026 and the decades-long emphasis on university education, the construction worker shortage will increase even faster.

The Build Your Future website estimates that the demand for skilled craft professionals will increase to 1,000,000 workers by 2023.

Now, this is excellent news for individuals starting out and looking for career opportunities. In construction, individuals with a desire to learn can choose disciplines that can expand their potential. These skills create a well-paid and secure long-term career opportunity.

The perfect place to begin a construction career is in the post frame construction industry, one of the fastest-growing segments of the building trades.

Why Focus on a Career in Construction?

The construction business consists of a vast range of skilled disciplines that, when applied, result in beautiful, long-lasting, and practical structures that add value to society. Becoming an expert in any of these disciplines will provide a lifelong flow of lucrative, steady work.

Many of the Benefits of a Construction Career

1. “Earn while you learn”

This is an important detail of choosing a construction career path. Rather than investing thousands of dollars in university education with no immediate return, new construction workers can apprentice in their chosen role. This allows them to learn on the job while earning money from the very first day. Four or more years later, when the typical college student graduates, a construction worker is already well ahead and secure in their career.

2. Excellent job security

Another positive attribute of the construction business is job security. With demand continuing to rise and a substantial reduction in the number of skilled workers, construction roles offer security. After all, everyone needs homes, and businesses need facilities.

3. Almost endless opportunities

For eager, motivated new construction workers, there are ample opportunities. Individuals may choose an apprenticeship, discipline certification, or even attend a technical school while working. Any of these will ensure future employment as the industry continues to grow. Furthermore, skilled and licensed trade technicians in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, safety protocol, design, sheet metal work, and many other fields are in high demand. These individuals tend to earn well above the average income.

The modern post frame industry is growing at record rates. Because of the construction method’s practicality for so many uses, plus the durability and economics of this building method, post frame construction will continue to rise in popularity.

4. Traveling and Living where you want

This is a very appealing benefit to many people. Individuals with certified, marketable construction skills are in demand everywhere. Therefore, they can choose to move about the country or world wherever their skills are needed, even for the short term.

5. Career growth and high wage potential

As demand increases and the number of skilled workers remains low in this dynamic industry, specialists are in a prime position to replace retiring or moving superiors while also earning higher salaries.

6. Staying in shape

Staying fit is much easier when working in construction than when sitting at a desk for 50 hours per week. Many construction jobs allow workers to enjoy the outdoors, fresh air, and continual movement. This is certainly more healthy than remaining in a closed indoor environment.

Look to the Post Frame Industry to Start Your Career

Post frame builders and suppliers like Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings of North Webster, Indiana, are always looking for dedicated workers to sustain the rising demand for their products. A quick view of Pacemaker’s past projects indicates some of the work required to complete these fantastic projects.

In summary, learning “from the ground up” is a signature approach to career-building in the post frame industry. Mastering the skills required will help individuals begin an exciting new career path. Interested in starting your construction career? Apply today!