Energy Efficient Pole Barn Homes


Want a pole barn home but having challenges finding a builder? Check out Post Frame Builders. A Pole Barn and Post Frame building use virtually the very same

Practical, durable, and economical to build and operate, post frame buildings provide the logical answer for versatility and design flexibility. Owners, designers, and architects choose post frame construction today for many types of buildings, even custom homes.

Why has post frame building popularity surged?  Post frame buildings are the most energy efficient and sustainable option for home construction. Let’s look at the reasons.

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Uses for Post Frame Buildings

Uses for Post Frame Buildings-315

Post frame buildings have evolved from the basic pole barn agricultural structures of the past. Technically sophisticated, durable, and sensible, post frame buildings are solutions for many applications. Today, schools, municipal buildings, fire stations, warehouses, churches, industrial buildings, and private homes are clear evidence of the economy and practicality of post frame methods.

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What About the Cost of a Post Frame Building?


What About the Cost of a Post Frame Building-315-2

The finished and long-term operating costs are two primary advantages to consider when looking at building types. Post frame buildings use less material and labor, shorter construction time, simplified site preparation that eliminates the foundation work required for other construction methods.

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