Cost Components of Your Post Frame Building


Planning and budgeting to build your post frame commercial building are similar to planning other types of construction. However, the process can be considerably less complicated. The design process is often straightforward. The cost components of your post frame building such as site prep, materials, labor, and time-to-completion can often be less compared to  “steel-frame” or masonry-type structures.

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Finishing Your Post Frame Building: Ceiling Options


When designing your new post frame building, your initial considerations typically pertain to size and space, function, location, utility, and access. Next, you’ll need to choose interior finishing. These are some post frame building ceiling options and choices.

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Post Frame Building Exterior Options

Post frame building showing exterior roofing and siding options.

Your new or refurbished post frame building can be whatever you want it to be. Since post frame buildings are versatile and appropriate for almost any application, the design options for your structure are endless. Your building can complement the nearby architecture, create an inviting environment, or make just about any exterior statement you wish. Let’s look at post frame building exterior options.

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