Driving through the countryside, you might pass an attractive farm building or even a home with a striking cupola atop. While this addition to a post frame building is certainly ornamental, the feature also adds other benefits.

What is a Cupola?

A cupola is a small structure that sits on top of a building’s roof, often with windows and louvers. These are often built to look like a miniature of the building itself, although they do not need to be.

From an aesthetic perspective, cupolas are a popular exterior feature that adds a sense of stateliness to the overall building. However, there are also practical benefits to adding cupolas to post frame structures.

Practical Benefit of Cupolas 

While many add cupolas to their post frame structures for the aesthetic, a hugely practical benefit also exists.

Louvered cupolas allow air to flow in and out, adding ventilation to the overall building. By keeping the air moving and releasing the warmer air, owners reduce the likelihood of mildew or mold forming.

Furthermore, as cupolas keep the air circulating, the environment is more comfortable for the inhabitants.

Other methods of roof ventilation; particularly ridge vents, can be added to your post frame building to accomplish what a cupola does. Although the beauty and aesthetic of a cupola add more to the appearance of the post frame buildings. In fact, they are often used to highlight an architectural theme among a grouping of structures like sheds, detached garages, and other outbuildings.

Considerations for Installing Cupolas

Besides the style and type, the main thing to consider is the size of the cupola. You want the addition to be proportionate to the size of the rest of the building and not overwhelm the main body.

One rule for making the cupola fit the rest of the building is to start by measuring the length of the building. The cupola should be an eighth to a tenth of the length of the building. 

A second proportionally-sized cupola may be necessary if the structure is substantially longer. 

If more than one building is involved, add matching cupolas in different sizes depending on the size of the structures.

Choosing A Cupola for Your Post Frame Building

A beautiful cupola for your post frame building, new or old, can be an essential addition. While upgrading the ventilation in your building, these features also add considerable beauty and style. 

Meet with your post frame building expert to discuss adding a cupola to your building. Use it to add beauty and style to your environment. In some areas, a cupola may be necessary to allow your post frame building to “fit” better, perhaps appeasing the eye of local code inspectors.

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