A well-devised gutter system is important to the longevity and service of your post frame structure. Gutters keep melted snow and rainwater from accumulating in certain areas of the roof while redirecting it away from the foundation. Furthermore, adding gutters to your post frame structure will lead moisture to a drain or to an area well away from the building itself.

Components of a Well-Designed Gutter System

Adding gutters to your post frame building will keep your structure operating efficiently and looking great for years to come. While the gutters are the most recognizable parts of the system, once employed, there are critical features that are used to direct the moisture away from the building.


The main component is the gutters, which refer to the horizontal metal troughs that catch the melted snow or rainwater and funnel it through the system away from the foundation. Pacemaker Post Frame professionals can help make sure all the affordable components are available at the appropriate time.


The downspout will effectively direct the excess moisture from the gutters downward to the ground. Strategic placement of your downspouts moves the water to the best areas around the base, thus creating active obstruction areas. These units can be combined to create the necessary height for your building.

End Caps

End caps are barriers placed at the end of each gutter to block the flow of the water. These help to redirect everything downward through the vertical downspouts. These end caps are riveted securely to the intersection, assuring that flow will always be directed properly and your system will be functional. 


Manufacturers create elbows or small attachments to create a secure connection between the gutters and downspouts. These ensure a clean transition while making sure little to no water will escape before it should. 

Pipe Cleats 

Additional accessories are necessary to keep the gutter systems secure. Pipe cleats secure the downspouts to the side of the post frame building. Straps wrap around the downspout and clip securely to the building exterior to keep everything in place.  


Hangars play an important role in keeping the gutter systems in place. Instead of spikes and ferrules that can come loose, hangars can stay put in heavy snow and high winds. These hangers have two parts: a metal bracket with an angled screw that fastens to the fascia board and a metal hanger that clips the trough into place from the front.

Well-Designed Gutter Systems Extend Your Post Frame Life

A gutter system that directs water away from the structure is a long-term investment. Preventing water damage extends the useful life of your post frame building for decades.

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