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Post frame buildings are often the most practical option for just about any purpose. Since they maximize the most efficient use of material and labor and generally require less time to complete, a modern post frame structure is often the most economical solution. Here are some ways to stay on budget when building your post frame project.

As with almost anything else, miscalculation or unanticipated issues can add significant costs to your project. Working with proven post frame professionals from initial planning to completion will ensure you achieve the desired results within your budget.

Planning for and examining your needs prior to starting the project will help guarantee your results stay within budget. Adding unnecessary extras during construction can dramatically drive up your initial expenditure. Therefore you should avoid adding extras that increase costs and do not improve utility and performance.

Identify Your True Needs

Before starting the project, identify what you need the post frame structure for, how much space you will need, and the best location. As with any structure, you will have vast options of details and accessories that may be added. However, you should consider whether or not these will enhance the value and useability of your post frame building.

You will find that working with an experienced post frame design specialist can help you achieve your purpose while staying within your budget. With this mandate in mind, you can develop a plan that minimizes unnecessary extras but delivers on functionality.

Many extra features can be added or installed at a later date should your needs and finances change.

Decide What is Essential

Some elements may be critical to your purpose, while others fall into either the “nice to have” or “add later” categories.

These considerations will help with staying on budget when building your post frame project:

  • Concrete Flooring

    While concrete flooring can make for a tidier, easy to clean interior, it is not necessary for all functions. You can save money by having a dirt, gravel, stone, or even asphalt floor for some applications. Equestrian centers, for example, are best served with well-draining dirt floors. For vehicle and equipment storage or workshops, gravel or asphalt surfaces work nicely.

  • Interior Finishes

    For more utilitarian functions like workshops, equipment and supply storage, or animal habitats, installing drywall or other paneling can be unnecessary. However, installing insulating materials is advisable to reduce energy costs. Additionally, this will ensure comfort if you expect to spend considerable time inside your post frame structure during the colder months.

  • Exterior Features

    Unless certain aesthetically enhancing features like cupolas, alcoves, porches, or additional windows are essential to conform with the neighborhood, you can forego these initially. These are all options that you can choose to add at a later date.

    However, wainscoting for the perimeter of the structure with brick, stone, or other durable material is often recommended. The additional cladding around the structure’s base will help protect the shell from equipment collision and naturally occurring environmental elements.

  • Least-Cost Door

    The doorway is often the most expensive element of a post frame building. Your doorway size and type will depend on how you plan to use the structure. Naturally, entryways must accommodate the largest possible vehicle or equipment that you will need.

    Sliding doors are less expensive than overhead doors. Additionally, to preserve energy, you can partially open a slider as needed for equipment to move in and out. In colder climates where snow is a distinct possibility, you should mount your sliding door on the building’s interior to help avoid snow and ice along the track.

    Using better quality materials will save time and money in the long run. Your post frame professional can advise the best materials and solutions for each phase of your project.

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