design features for post frame buildings

Choosing a Roofing Style and Type for Your Post Frame Building

The choice of roof styles for post frame buildings is diverse. Learn about eye-catching roofing style options for post frame buildings.

Steps to Building the Perfect Horse Barn

Building the Perfect Horse Barn. In this post, we share tips and considerations when planning and building a post frame horse barn.

Why Ventilation Is Crucial for Post Frame Buildings

Ventilation for post frame buildings ensures the longevity of your building. Learn options to include for proper air flow in your building.

Second Floor Options For Your Post Frame Building

Adaptable and versatile, modern post frame buildings are suitable for nearly all agricultural, equestrian, retail, retail, or civic purposes. Economical and practical, post frame buildings provide uninterrupted interior space that allows for large equipment and vehicles, plenty of storage, and ample workspace. Let’s look at second floor options for your post frame building.

Post Frame Building Exterior Options

Modern post frame buildings are versatile. Learn about post frame building exterior options to choose roofing, siding, and exterior features.

Common Post Frame Oversights and Solutions 

In building your post frame building, sometimes things are overlooked on not considered here are common post frame oversights and solutions.

How to Properly Ventilate Your Post Frame Building

Ample ventilation is an essential element for maintaining your structure. Find out how to properly ventilate your post frame building.

Is it Possible to Have a Basement in Your Post Frame Building?

Considering a basement in your post frame building? Here are a few good reasons to add a basement as an option for your new post frame building.

How Additional Features Can Impact Snow Load on Your Post Frame Building

Design your post frame roof system should deflect, snow pile up. These are some of the design features that can impact snowload on your post frame building.

Post Frame Building Door Considerations

Selecting the right door for your post frame building depends on the buildings purpose. Use these tips when making post frame building door considerations.
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