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Top Uses for a Garage Pole Barn

Looking for storage for extra vehicles, gardening equipment, or to build your dream workshop? Here's why a garage pole barn would be a great solution.

Interior Finish Options for Your Pole Barn

Choosing an interior finish options for your pole barn depends on intended use. Here are 4 basic options or a combination. This guide will help you choose.

Pole Barn Construction Process: 4 Steps You Need to Know

Constructing pole barn buildings offer many advantages. These 4 steps for pole barn construction will help you achieve a long-lasing and quality building.

Difference Between Post Frame Building and a Pole Barn

By definition, a pole barn is a type of post frame building. However, today, post frame buildings are used extensively for many other types of construction beyond just barns. Communities, businesses, and homeowners use modern post frame techniques to create fire stations, retail stores, school annexes, churches, and beautiful homes. Post framing is an alternative […]

Pole Barn Farm Shop Layout Ideas

For those who need the room to make or repair items for use on the farm, having a well-equipped and orderly shop can be well worth the investment in space and cost.

Pole Barn Building New Use Possibilities

pole barn building

Pole Barn Buildings: Selecting the Right Flooring

Floors in pole frame buildings range from soft dirt to highly engineered. Here's 5 flooring options based on your pole frame building purpose.