Post-Frame Construction: Economical, Energy-Efficient, and Eco-Friendly

Post frame construction is a viable solution for nearly any type of building today. Economical, energy efficient and sustainable, post frame or pole barn-type buildings are durable, long lasting and may be configured for a wide range of commercial, governmental and residential uses.

Post Frame Buildings: Maintenance

One of the many advantages of modern post-frame buildings is that these building structures require far less ongoing maintenance than other buildings. As with any building, however, many of the elements of the structure should be inspected periodically. But the simplicity of post-frame construction combined with durable external and internal materials usually warrant very little […]

Post Frame Construction Exterior Design

  Post frame construction has become popular for a wide range of building styles. Versatile, durable, economical and attractive, post frame is employed today for private homes, schools, civic buildings, fire departments and other construction beyond the traditional farm and storage buildings. With today’s designs, the façade of a post frame building can be designed […]

Post Frame Building Foundation Options

It’s time to talk building foundations. When you build a commercial building, ag building, or one for your home or horses, there are different types of foundations and post-frame buildings give you flexibility in what you use. Post-frame construction is an attractive, economical and long-lasting option for many types of buildings. A favorite for barn […]

Why Post Frame Buildings Make A Perfect School

Post-frame construction has received a higher level of acclaim in the building industry in recent years. This is largely due to the innovative and flexible design, reduced construction times, and lower finished cost-per-square- foot.

Post Frame Construction Is As Green As They Get

Thinking about a new building for business or home use? Need a commercial building but want green, environmentally friendly components? A Post-frame building can serve your needs!

A History Of Post Frame Construction

Post frame building construction isn’t necessarily a new form of construction. In actuality, it’s been in use for centuries, particularly along coastlines where shelters needed to be elevated above the water level. But it certainly has evolved and developed in the procedures and materials used to become a leading building construction style today.

Why Your Pole Barn Kit Should Be Built By A Professional

A pole barn can be a great addition to your property. These versatile buildings can adapt to shifting needs with ease. Properly built and maintained, these outbuildings can last generations. When considering adding a pole barn to your property, you may be tempted to build the barn yourself with a pole barn kit from the nearest […]

Flexible Interior Options Of Post Frame Design

Your need for a pole building is likely driven by a need to store and protect important equipment and supplies from the elements. Whether you own a business, farm, or just have a large yard, a pole building is versatile, flexible, and adaptable to your particular needs. Some people simply need a large, protected space […]

Non-Commercial Uses for a Post Frame Building

Post frame buildings come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and specifications. It’s not just for commercial use, farming, or horse stables!  If you think a little outside the box, you can come up with an infinite amount of uses for them. Here are top residential uses for a post frame building.
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