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Your need for a pole building is likely driven by a need to store and protect important equipment and supplies from the elements.

Whether you own a business, farm, or just have a large yard, a pole building is versatile, flexible, and adaptable to your particular needs. Some people simply need a large, protected space for general storage, while others have very specific need and interior configurations to be met.

Interior Finishes for Your Post Frame Building

The great thing about post-frame construction is that it gives you a large, open space with a multitude of interior options that will work perfectly for your needs.

Interior Space Needs

The reason you need a pole barn will often dictate the type of interior design you need. If you want to move large farming, construction, or other equipment in and out, you’ll need a large, open area with a sturdy floor and plenty of room. In most cases, a very simple interior design likely will suit your needs.

If you’re a farmer or run small business production and need space as part of your daily business activities, your interior needs could be more complicated.

A dairy farmer will need an area for bringing cows in and out, a milking area, an area for milking equipment, another for milk storage, and possibly more.

Whether you’re a dairy farmer or run some other kind of business, you must assess your space needs to know your best potential interior design and interior layout.

Flooring Options

One of the great things about using post-frame construction is that you can have any flooring. If all you need is simple storage space, you can go with something as simple as the natural ground, gravel, dirt, or other low-cost material.

But if you want maximum security and high load support, you’ll need a reinforced concrete foundation and floor. If you go with a concrete floor, you’ll have many options for floor covering.

This can range from bare concrete to sealed, textured, tiled, and dozens of other possible flooring options that can transform your pole barn and post-frame building into a highly functioning component of your everyday business.

Lighting Variations

Your lighting needs, like your usage needs, vary greatly with the type of business you own. For many, overhead fluorescent lighting will work fine for occasional use at night. For others, however, something more efficient and functional is in order.

For any office space or daily work space in your pole barn, you’ll need better lighting. That could come from outdoor windows, interior lighting options, or a combination of both.

The more you use your workspace during the daylight hours, the more you could benefit from windows for natural light.

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Interior Rooms

If you use your pole barn as part of your daily business, there’s no reason you can’t have a dedicated office in it as well. Post-frame construction permits virtually any size office or workspace configuration.

Some walls, insulation, electrical and communications service, water and plumbing, and a heating and ventilation system will convert any interior space into a comfortable, year-round dedicated office space. It all depends on what you need to do.

For most, a simple workspace will suffice, and a space heater and box fan will suit their heating and ventilation needs. But you may be among those who need something better equipped to deal with Midwestern temperature, weather swings, and extremes while protecting your equipment and getting work done.

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