Post-Frame Construction: Economical, Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Post frame construction is a viable solution for nearly any type of building today. Economical, energy efficient and sustainable, post frame or pole barn-type buildings are durable, long lasting and may be configured for a wide range of commercial, governmental and residential uses.

Today, private homes, fire stations, churches and new schools, in addition to agricultural and equine structures, are being constructed with attractive, yet highly adaptable post frame designs. While the concept of post frame construction is certainly not new, new methods and applications have evolved to make this an extremely viable option for far more buildings than ever before. And the advantages are becoming more widely embraced by professional builders.

A properly constructed post frame building can withstand high winds and violent storms better than traditional types of building, and cost far less to build. And post frame construction is feasible year-round with little difficulty.  Here are key reasons to consider post-frame buildings for your next commercial or residential building.

Post-Frame Construction: Economical, Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Economical and Affordable

When constructing a school, warehouse or fire station, post frame construction is a far better option for many communities or businesses. If budgets are limited, post frame becomes the best choice for several significant reasons. Time from design to completion is shortened substantially. Modifications to the design can be added right up to the time of construction without modifying planning and materials much.

The total amount of material to be used in the building is significantly less than with traditional construction methods. And the number of specially skilled laborers required to construct the building is reduced.

The cost of site preparation is notably reduced with post frame construction. The building simply needs a flat, graded surface to begin construction. A foundation can be poured, and individual posts will be sunk to a level of at least four feet to create a solid structure.

And, as time goes by and modification may be required, a post frame building allows for expansion and additions far easier than with other construction. Because of the wide spacing of the vertical posts, additional wings and connectors are constructed relatively quickly and inexpensively.

Post-Frame Construction: Economical, Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Energy Efficiency

The wide spacing of the posts allows for more uniform insulation than traditional wood frame buildings. The narrow 16-inch gaps in traditional framing break up the uniformity of the insulation and cause significant energy loss.

Widely spaced posts in a post frame building allow for the insulation to uniformly protect the inner space and will reduce the amount of energy used to heat or cool the building.  Since the wall cavity can be 7 to 10-inches, a post frame building may achieve an R-value of 30 or 40. This efficiency is additionally notable in the roof structure as well.

Post-Frame Construction: Economical, Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Post Frame Construction is Eco-Friendly

Virtually every component of a post frame building may be recycled, and many elements are produced from recycled material. And by virtue of the simpler construction processes, fewer materials and energy are required to complete the construction.

As mentioned, the post frame building also requires less energy to heat and cool.

And the facades and ornamental features of post frame homes and public buildings can be adorned with organic and ecological materials, adding touches of color, texture and beauty that fits well in any neighborhood.

Post-Frame Construction: Economical, Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly


Post frame buildings have proven to withstand high winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes when neighboring traditional buildings have collapsed. With well-anchored posts, the construction distributes the wind forces throughout other parts of the building and diffuses the force.

Properly cleaned and maintained, a well-constructed post frame building will last a lifetime… or longer.

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