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Why Post Frame Buildings are Energy Efficient

Post frame buildings are energy efficient. Find out more about energy-saving strategies for post frame buildings.

Solar Panels for Post Frame Structures: Considerations and Benefits

Considering adding solar panels to your post frame building? Here are the benefits of solar panels for post frame structures.

Benefits of Post Frame Buildings for Farming

In this post, you will learn the many benefits of post frame buildings for farming and agriculture. Here are the top 5 advantages.

Post Frame Buildings: Spray Foam vs. Regular Insulation

3 types of insulation are common for modern post frame buildings. In this post, we review spray foam vs. regular insulation.

Why Post Frame Buildings are Perfect for Commercial Use

Post frame construction is versatile and economical. With open, uninterrupted space, post frame buildings are perfect for commercial use.

Energy Efficient Pole Barn Homes

Pole barn building or post frame building which is best to build your new home? Surprise they are virtually the same building technique. Reducing energy cost and supporting the environment are great reasons to consider these types of building method over traditional construction.

Comparing the Total Cost of Post Frame Buildings vs Traditional Construction

Practicality, energy efficiency, durability, attractiveness, sustainability and a short time to completion are some of the reasons decision-makers like the lower cost of post frame buildings vs traditional construction methods. Here are the facts.

What is a Post Frame Building? 

What is a post frame building? It's an amazingly durable, practical, attractive, and more energy efficient building. Learn about post frame buildings is as well as the benefits and advantages of this type of construction.

A Post Frame Building is the Most Energy Efficient Solution

Post frame buildings are frequently an ideal solution for budget-driven decision-makers. Fewer materials, less labor, shorter time from design to finish, and more sustainable raw materials are the key drivers to creating a practical and less expensive structure. Ongoing operating and energy costs are an essential cost element, as well. Energy management must always be […]

How to Insulate Your Post Frame Walls

If you have a versatile, durable, and economical post-frame or pole-barn building, insulation may be necessary. In our area, we have weather that makes it uncomfortable for people, animals, and equipment as well as unsuitable for running water and many stored products and supplies.
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