The effectiveness, practicality, and economy of post frame buildings are incomparable for agricultural uses. The design configuration offers advantages that other types of construction do not. The benefits of post frame buildings for farming are many.

Modern post frame buildings are durable. They are not only capable of withstanding high winds but also the severest weather conditions. Thus they provide a lifetime of excellent service for your farm.

Advantages of a Post Frame Barn or Storage Facility

Wide, uninterrupted space

One of the unique features of a post frame building is the amount of uninterrupted open space inside. The trusses and the entire roof structure are supported by widely spaced durable support columns. These are anchored deep into the ground along the perimeter. Thus, the structure’s interior does not require any load-bearing walls or supports.

This feature is critical when using the facility to maneuver and store farm equipment. You have ample space for vehicles, housing livestock, storing supplies, or a work area.

Site Preparation is Minimal

In most instances, you only require a level area to accommodate the building’s footprint. This should have a slight slope to facilitate drainage and be slightly larger than your building plans.

Conventional construction methods require masonry or concrete foundations. Some areas would even require poured walls to support the structure sufficiently. However, this is not necessary with post frame construction. Hence, you save a considerable amount in materials and labor; as well as minimizing completion time.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to the substantial costs saved during the construction process, well-designed post frame buildings offer significant savings in utility costs. Insulation, for example, can be applied more efficiently and uniformly. The widely spaced posts and trusses make this much easier than insulating between the narrowly spaced studs of a “stick-frame” structure. Fewer gaps mean less energy will escape, thus less heating or cooling is required. You can also add large doors, windows, and vented ridge to allow for increased airflow.


Multiple Applications

There is no limit to how you use your post frame building. Over time, it is also easily adaptable to new applications. Some of the popular agricultural choices are:

  •  Equipment Storage – ample mobility, high ceilings, plenty of ventilation, and protection.
  • Livestock Housing – maintain optimal temperatures and keep livestock dry and protected.
  • Crop and Feed Storage –  a dry, temperature-managed space protected from the elements.
  • Dairy Production – keeps cows comfortable, equipment clean, and protected. Space for clean stalls, milking rooms, maternity barns, and manure processing facilities.
  • Farm Shop / Office – a clean room segregated from the rest of the operations. Ability to add temperature-control measures for comfort.

Metal Cladding Advantages

The exterior and roofing of post frame buildings may be clad in any normal exterior material to satisfy aesthetic appeal. However, these structures are also perfect for durable steel or metal panels. Metal exteriors are capable of withstanding the harshest conditions while protecting the assets within. Also, maintenance of a metal-clad building is minimal compared to wood or other exterior materials.

A Menu of Modern Post Frame Agricultural Buildings

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