durability of post frame buildings

Post Frame Buildings Compared to Steel Frame Buildings

Modern post frame building compared to steel framed building. Learn the differences and advantages of post frame construction.

How to Insulate Your Post Frame Building

Insulating a post frame building is easier and more efficient than conventional buildings. Here are tips to insulate your post frame building.

Should I Consider Post-Frame Construction for My Commercial Building Project?

Post frame buildings provide some significant advantages for commercial building projects. The open space within, without the obstructive loadbearing supports of conventional construction, a post frame building is perfect for: Retail space Warehouses Office and storeroom combinations Equipment storage Showrooms And, more As post frame techniques and materials continue to evolve, the commercial building industry […]

Size Matters: Post Frame Buildings Size

The post frame building method offers several advantages over traditonal construction methods. Here are common uses for large post frame buildings.

The Advantages of Using Post Frame Buildings for Factories and Businesses

The advantages of using post frame buildings for business. This construction method is adaptable, attractive, durable and economical. It's the smart choice.

What is the Proper Post Frame Truss Spacing?

Post frame design has evolved significantly. This post explains post frame truss spacing and how this framework can withstand severe weather conditions.

Construction Techniques That Make Post Frame Buildings Durable

Modern post frame buildings utilize construction techniques that enhance durability of a structure to withstand intense winds. Consider these design tips.

Limit Wind Damage with a Post Frame Building

During high winds; post frame construction has a true advantage over traditional building methods. Learn how to limit wind damage with a post frame building.

How Long Will Post Frame Buildings Last?

There are many advantages to post frame construction building, specifically longevity. In this post, find out how long will post frame buildings last.

Uses for Post Frame Buildings

Post frame buildings have evolved from the basic pole barn agricultural structures of the past into technically sophisticated, durable, and sensible solutions for a wide range of buildings. These 4 types of buildings are excellent choices for using post frame construction method.
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