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Stay on Budget When Building your Post Frame Project

Keeping on budget when building your post frame project isn't difficult. Here are a few considerations for a successful build on budget.

The Advantages of Using Post Frame Buildings for Barns and Equestrian Centers

Post frame buildings for barns and equestrian centers need wide open spaces for livestock, horses & equipment. A post-fame buildings is the perfect solution

Building and Financing a Beautiful and Practical Post Frame Building

Post frame buildings can be used for all sorts of buildings. From storage and agricultural structures to homes, post frame is the best answer.

Post Frame Building Types and Size Considerations

In this post you'll learn about post frame building types. Why you should consider this building method and suggested applications that are a perfect fit.

The Pros and Cons of Post Frame Buildings

The time it takes to construct these buildings, the energy efficiency, and the abundance of clear and adaptable space in these structures makes post framing the optimal solution for many applications. In this post, we review the pros and cons of post frame buildings.

Advantages of Post Frame Buildings Over Traditional Construction

Modern post frame construction is far more sophisticated in engineering and design than the old-style pole building construction. Want to know more? Here are 7 advantages Post Frame Buildings have over traditional construction.

Finishing Touches for your Post Frame Building

Post frame construction has advantages over other construction methods. Check out these finishing touches for your post frame building.

Post-Frame Buildings vs Traditional Construction

Builders and building owners are discovering the many advantages that post frame construction offers compared to more traditional stick or steel-framed buildings. The simple, yet sophisticated engineering of post frame construction delivers a durable, versatile, and economical alternative to other building methods. Post frame buildings are ideal solutions for government and office buildings, fire stations, […]

The Superiority of Post Frame Buildings

Whether for municipal, commercial, agricultural, or residential use, post frame buildings offer substantial advantages over conventional construction. For staying on budget and creating the most value per square foot, post frame buildings have become a growing solution for more applications than ever. And post frame buildings meet all UBC and IBC codes.

Municipal Post Frame Buildings

Budgets are always an issue when planning a durable, practical, and efficient municipal building. Tight budgets limit city managers and legislators even during periods of prosperity. Unnecessary expenditures are simply not an option when budgeting for a new fire station, government building, school bus garage, or other city-funded structure. The best, most economical design is […]
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