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Pole Barn vs Post Frame Construction: What’s the difference?

Post frame construction is the building process used for creating what are frequently referred to as pole barns. Post frame is the construction method, while the pole barn is just one result. Today we should no longer think of post frame construction as a simple, rectangular metal-roofed structure sitting behind a farmhouse. Post frame buildings […]

Can Post Frame Buildings Withstand Natural Disasters

Post frame construction has become an important and viable option for many types of buildings. Schools, civic buildings, fire stations, private homes, barns, other agricultural and storage buildings have been constructed using sturdy post frame methods. Stylish, quick-to-construct and easily expandable are features that are giving this construction method plenty of attention.

Structural Integrity Considerations of Post Frame Buildings

Post frame construction is a cost-effective, efficient, time saving, and most importantly, durable method of building a structure. Post frame buildings can be used for almost any purpose. Warehouses, stores, churches, schools, and workshops can be built using this technique. There are several factors you should consider when designing your building to ensure its structural […]

Post Frame Buildings: How To Build In The Winter

When the winter months roll around, most construction stops. That’s because the cold temperatures can be detrimental to the concrete curing process.

Designing and Constructing an Energy Efficient Post Frame Building

Now, more than ever, reducing the environmental impact of our activities is vital for the sustainability of our businesses and livelihoods.

Energy Efficient Buildings: Post Frame Buildings vs Other Construction

These days, reducing energy and utility costs is both practical and a noble cause. If each of us can better manage the energy resources we take in and the energy we put out, we’ll reap the benefits together. Whether in the cars we drive or the homes we build, the effects of energy efficiency are […]

Interior Finishes for Your Post Frame Building

Homeowners or business owners accustomed to stud wall construction are amazed at the versatility of post frame buildings. Because of the endless variety in post frame construction, the interior is limited only by your imagination and budget. Simplicity At its core, such as a non-insulated agricultural or equestrian building, the interior is the back side […]

Structural Integrity Considerations in Post Frame Buildings

A structure’s strength and durability rely on the frame and material being used. Several factors affect the structural integrity of a post frame building. A building is as strong as the sum of all these factors. It’s important to understand local building codes and requirements and design the building accordingly.  Here are some areas and […]