Pole Barn vs Post Frame Construction_ What's the difference_Post frame construction is the building process used for creating what are frequently referred to as pole barns. Post frame is the construction method, while the pole barn is just one result.

Today we should no longer think of post frame construction as a simple, rectangular metal-roofed structure sitting behind a farmhouse. Post frame buildings offer a wide range of designs that work well in any environment.

Post frame construction has evolved to be much more than a barn-building method. Quicker, less expensive and more capable of withstanding harsh conditions, post-frame has become a preferred solution for buildings other than agricultural or barn-type structures. Municipal buildings, fire stations, schools, clinics and even attractive homes are built using this method of construction.

Ideal for Agricultural Structures

Post frame buildings are sturdy, dependable and flexible options for barns, shed, stables, equestrian facilities and other agricultural buildings. Because the support posts are sunk directly into the ground and fewer materials and craftsmen are required, buildings may be constructed more quickly.

Changes in design can be made along the way in most cases since there is no major foundation structure or basement required, thus giving greater flexibility that some building types. Since the vertical post beams are the weight-bearing members and spaced at greater distances than conventional framing, openings can be created easily to add additional space.

Lower Cost

Fewer materials are required for post frame construction than with traditional methods. This feature, plus a substantial reduction in labor costs, will reduce the cost of the final construction substantially.

And post frame buildings are more energy efficient to maintain. With a wider space between vertical posts, insulation can be installed more evenly and efficiently to preserve heat and air conditioning. Posts that are 8-feet or more apart have fewer energy breaks than individual studs 16-inches apart. Energy efficient doors and windows can be added to fully seal the structure.


Post frame buildings can withstand the severest weather and wind conditions better than traditional buildings. With solid posts anchored at least 4 feet into the ground, plus some additional reinforcement features, post frame buildings are designed to spread the wind forces evenly throughout the building rather than allowing the wind to focus directly on the windward side of the building. The buried posts transfer much of the force directly into the ground.

Spreading the forces throughout will allow the structure to dissipate lifting forces. These tend to reach under and lift the roof sections of conventional buildings, thereby leaving the building far more vulnerable.


Post frame buildings are long-lasting as well. Posts are anchored in concrete piers or metal sleeves to protect the wood from ground moisture and bacteria that normally decays wood over time. With routine protective measures and normal maintenance, the post frame building can look like new for years and last a lifetime.

Attractive and Adaptable

All of the decorative features such as brick and adobe facades, wainscoting, porticos and other features can be added to a post frame construction. Fitting into the neighborhood with the right exterior design is simply not a problem with post frame construction. With attractive landscaping and façade features, post frame buildings complement urban settings very nicely.

Post-Frame: A Great Choice

No longer just a simple option for an out-building, and more advanced than simple pole buildings, post frame construction is an ideal option for buildings of all sizes in any location.

As school populations outgrow their facilities and have limited revenue, a quick and less expensive solution lies in building a post frame school. For cities on a limited budget, new municipal buildings post frame construction is an extremely viable option.  As well for suburban homeowners and equestrian participants, post frame buildings offer great options for reasonable costs.

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