Now, more than ever, reducing the environmental impact of our activities is vital for the sustainability of our businesses and livelihoods.

No one method or solution will solve our energy needs, but taking steps to reduce the energy requirements of constructing and maintaining the structures we use is a necessary and important factor in solving this issue.

Post frame buildings are rapidly surging in popularity due to the advantages they have in lower construction costs and improved energy efficiency.

Use Renewable, Low Impact Materials

Designing and Constructing a Post Frame Building for Energy Efficiency

Every nail, board, piece of tape, and other equipment used to make a building all contribute to its overall impact on the environment.

When deciding on the primary building components, shying away from steel and concrete reduces the amount of processing done before the material is on the way to its final destination.

Post frame buildings use the time-tested and renewable strength of wood instead of the more environmentally unfriendly options, allowing nature to bounce back from our use of it more quickly and easily.

Work with Your Environment

Any energy efficient construction method needs to take the environment of the building into consideration.

For example, clearing out a section of forest to make way for a building is more damaging to the environment than reusing an old or vacant lot.

Post frame buildings are inherently more adaptable to the environment than stick frame construction methods.

Instead of having to clear and level large portions of land followed by producing a concrete foundation, the poles used to provide support for the post frame building just need to be able to push four to six feet into the ground to establish a strong foothold.

Color Coordination

When the energy from the sun connects with a building, the reflected particles are what give it the color that we see.

White is the reflection of all colors in the visible light spectrum while a true black would absorb the flying bits of energy.

The roof is impacted more by color than any other section of the building due to the surface area it presents to the sun, so one should use a “Cool Roof” energy star Kynar paint systems unless absolutely impossible.

With this highly reflective system the overall environmental impact is greatly reduced as well as creating a more energy efficient building to heat and cool over time.

Built to Endure

Repeating the same steps unnecessarily is obviously a waste of energy, so major projects like construction need to be done with prolonged usage in mind.

Concrete and bricks are difficult to repair once any substantial damage is done, vinyl siding and other plastics are flimsy, and steel buildings seem to invariably find their way into the scrap pile.

In contrast, post frame buildings enlist the enduring qualities of wood along with more sensible foundation construction to achieve more durability than the competition.

Enlist the Help of a Professional Construction Company with Post-Frame Building Experience

Bringing in a ringer might be poor sportsmanship in a game, but the results speak for themselves when performing real world tasks to their optimal level.

Instead of relying on the good will of volunteer labor or hiring a construction company without the technical knowledge and experience granted by familiarity with the method, seek out a company that focuses on crafting buildings in the way you desire.

Pacemaker Buildings specializes in post frame construction from North of South Bend to South of Fort Wayne, IN.

With four decades of community service, we can help guide you through the design choices you will have to make and enable you to complete them in the most energy-efficient way possible.

Check out our gallery for some finished examples and call Pacemaker Buildings today!