Structural Integrity Considerations of Post Frame BuildingsPost frame construction is a cost-effective, efficient, time saving, and most importantly, durable method of building a structure. Post frame buildings can be used for almost any purpose. Warehouses, stores, churches, schools, and workshops can be built using this technique. There are several factors you should consider when designing your building to ensure its structural integrity is maximized.

Designing Your Structure’s Foundation

You want to make sure to choose the right foundation option for your structure’s designated purpose in accordance with local building codes. Several important factors to be considered while designing your foundation include:

  • Environmental factors such as rain, snow and wind
  • Load bearing capacities and capabilities
  • How long the structure is intended to last

The ideal land for your building should be flat and relatively dry. The ground should be cleared and leveled, allowing a few feet of extra space plus the area of the perimeter. Footings should be installed on firm ground and spaced out accordingly.

Choosing the Right Roof for Your Post Frame Building

When building your new post frame structure, proper design of your structure’s roof is vital to its structural integrity. The two most common roofing options are either shingled or metal roofs. These are a few factors to consider with your builder for making a choice:

  • Shingles are easy to maintain and readily available
  • Shingled roofs are typically installed with conventional tools
  • Metal roofing is usually lighter and very durable
  • Metal roofs are virtually maintenance free and don’t need to be replaced

Regardless of which material you opt for, structural integrity should be your first priority. Two things that are of the utmost importance when designing your roof are environmental factors and ceiling load capacity. Your structure’s roof should be adequately braced for factors like snow, rain and wind, respective of your local building code.

Materials Used in Building Your Post Frame Structure

Materials being used to build your post frame structure are the key to its structural integrity. A few examples of these are:

  • Whether to cast in place or use pre-cast pads for your foundation
  • Ensuring the wood used in poles are laminated and pressure treated properly
  • Making sure the fasteners used in your structure are sound
  • Your roof, whether shingled or metal should be of adequate quality to last as long as your structure will be in use

A post frame building is an excellent, cost effective, quick and long lasting option to suit your needs. When constructed properly and with structural integrity in mind, these structures can be used for nearly any purpose.

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