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Energy Efficient Pole Barn Tips

Pole barn structures are practical, versatile and energy efficient structures. Use these 7 tips to construct an energy efficient pole barn.

Hardware Options for a Pole Frame Barn

Pole frame buildings are very versatile. In this post, we share tips on choosing doors and hardware options for a pole frame barn.

Pole Barn Buildings: Selecting the Right Flooring

Floors in pole frame buildings range from soft dirt to highly engineered. Here's 5 flooring options based on your pole frame building purpose.

How to Build a Pole Barn

Pole barns have been part of the American landscape for decades. As a versatile and economical solution for agricultural buildings that offers plenty of clear space for storage, animals, and equipment, these buildings require fewer materials and less labor to construct. The essential approach used to construct pole barns has not changed much. However, one […]

How to Save Money When Building a Pole Barn

Post frame construction for pole barns or other agricultural and commercial buildings is one of the most cost-effective, durable, and versatile construction method devised to-date. A well-anchored, perfectly erected pole barn provides a lifetime of service at relatively low cost. Moreover, subsequent modifications to your pole barn are far easier than with other types of […]

Post-Frame Construction: Economical, Energy-Efficient, and Eco-Friendly

Post frame construction is a viable solution for nearly any type of building today. Economical, energy efficient and sustainable, post frame or pole barn-type buildings are durable, long lasting and may be configured for a wide range of commercial, governmental and residential uses.

The Science Behind Post Frame Construction

Post frame construction is a type of structure that’s been in use for centuries. Long poles made from tree trunks were sunk into the ground and used as frame members and roof supports. The rest of the structure was then built around these sunken poles.

Building a Pole Barn: Site Prep Considerations

You have finally gotten ready for those new pole barns that you want to add to your land. Now it is time to prepare the site for your new building. Below are key items you will want to address as you look at your site preparation for the coming building of your pole barn. Mapping […]