construction tips for post frame buildings

Animal Health: Proper Drainage for your Post Frame Building

Proper drainage is a must when housing animals in a post-frame barn. Here are tips to ensure your animals stay safe and dry.

Animal Health: Proper Ventilation for Your Post Frame Building

Proper ventilation is a critical design step especially if your post frame building is housing animals. Use these tips for successful ventilation.
Gutters on a post frame structure.

Adding Gutters to Your Post Frame Structure

Keep moisture away from your post frame building and extend it's life. Learn about adding gutters to your post frame structure.

Sustainable Building Practices for Post Frame Construction

Sustainable Building Practices. In this post, learn why post frame buildings require far less energy and materials than other building types.

Tips for Building a Post Frame Warehouse or Storage Facility

Post Frame construction is a smart, flexible building choice. Tips to consider when building a post frame warehouse or storage facility.

Driveway and Entrance Options for Post Frame Construction

Driveway and entrance options for your post frame building. Our recommendations to help you choose based on intended use, cost, and upkeep.

What Costs are Associated with Post Frame Construction?

Post Frame Construction costs. Learn some cost components that may be overlooked in building a beautiful, functional post frame building.

3 Steps for Perfect Concrete Flooring in Post Frame Buildings

Before pouring concrete flooring in post frame buildings, the building owner and designer must address these 3 major issues. Learn what to do.

Key Steps to Building a Post Frame Structure

Key steps in building a post frame structure. Learn the start-to-finish steps in creating your new, functional post frame building.

Post Frame Foundations: Concrete Considerations

Some post frame buildings require concrete foundations or floors. However, stables and many barns don’t need a complete concrete finish. But in many other instances, like vehicle repair and storage, workshops, or retail space, a solid concrete foundation is essential. Here’s what to know about post frame foundations, concrete considerations.
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