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Energy Efficient Pole Barn Homes

Pole barn building or post frame building which is best to build your new home? Surprise they are virtually the same building technique. Reducing energy cost and supporting the environment are great reasons to consider these types of building method over traditional construction.

Advantages of Post Frame Buildings Over Traditional Construction

Modern post frame construction is far more sophisticated in engineering and design than the old-style pole building construction. Want to know more? Here are 7 advantages Post Frame Buildings have over traditional construction.

A Post Frame Building is the Most Energy Efficient Solution

Post frame buildings are frequently an ideal solution for budget-driven decision-makers. Fewer materials, less labor, shorter time from design to finish, and more sustainable raw materials are the key drivers to creating a practical and less expensive structure. Ongoing operating and energy costs are an essential cost element, as well. Energy management must always be […]

The Post Frame Construction Process

Post frame construction is a durable and affordable building option for many applications. While some confuse this well-accepted framing style with simple pole barn buildings of the past, post frame construction is a product of highly sophisticated engineering techniques that withstand the most severe wind conditions and last a lifetime.

The Superiority of Post Frame Buildings

Whether for municipal, commercial, agricultural, or residential use, post frame buildings offer substantial advantages over conventional construction. For staying on budget and creating the most value per square foot, post frame buildings have become a growing solution for more applications than ever. And post frame buildings meet all UBC and IBC codes.

Commercial Uses for Post Frame Buildings

Post frame buildings did not just appear recently on the scene as a building option. As we know, many durable agricultural buildings have been constructed using post frame methods for decades. However, if you find yourself in a large furniture showroom, car dealership, garden center, grocery or drug store, or even the local post office, it […]

10 Building Techniques That Make a Big Difference

Besides being reasonably priced, versatile in design and easy to modify, properly constructed post frame buildings, sometimes called pole buildings, have proven to survive some of the toughest weather conditions better than many conventional types of construction. Solidly grounded with properly fitted components, a post frame structure can last a lifetime and still maintain its […]

Post Frame Buildings for Fire Departments

Post-frame construction is an attractive and versatile option for almost any type of commercial or organizational building. Easy to design, fast to build, economical and durable, post-frame can be the best choice for a wide range of building types. No longer simply for agricultural and storage-type construction, post-frame has become a popular choice for residential […]

Post Frame Design: Economical, Energy-Efficient, And Eco-Friendly

Post frame construction is fast becoming the preferred method of construction for many uses. As a longtime mainstay option for barns and storage buildings, post frame has more recently been used in award-winning single family homes, auto dealerships, school buildings, churches, civic offices, and even medical centers.

Why Post Frame Buildings Make A Perfect School

Post-frame construction has received a higher level of acclaim in the building industry in recent years. This is largely due to the innovative and flexible design, reduced construction times, and lower finished cost-per-square- foot.
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