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Roofing Options for Your Pole Frame Barn

Selecting the best roofing style for your Pole frame barn. Learn 4 different styles and material options based on your pole barn building purpose.

Shingles vs Metal Roofing: Which is better for your Pole Building?

In terms of construction materials, there are good reasons for using shingles vs metal roofing on your pole building, the reasons are in this post.

How to Save Money When Building a Pole Barn

Post frame construction for pole barns or other agricultural and commercial buildings is one of the most cost-effective, durable, and versatile construction method devised to-date. A well-anchored, perfectly erected pole barn provides a lifetime of service at relatively low cost. Moreover, subsequent modifications to your pole barn are far easier than with other types of […]

6 Uses for Post-Frame Buildings

When you set out to break ground on a new building, you’ll find many different construction options. You’ll quickly find that building solutions are hardly one-size-fits-all situations. Quite to the contrary, each unique situation will call for a different solution. Post-frame buildings are an attractive option for a variety of construction needs. In many cases, […]

Pole Barn Homes

When someone mentions pole barn homes, many people respond with “Huh?” or “Why?” Pole barn or post-frame construction has evolved to encompass many applications besides simple barns and farm buildings. Today, attractive civic buildings, fire stations, schools, medical clinics and even private homes are being constructed using pole barn methods.

Can Post Frame Buildings Withstand Natural Disasters

Post frame construction has become an important and viable option for many types of buildings. Schools, civic buildings, fire stations, private homes, barns, other agricultural and storage buildings have been constructed using sturdy post frame methods. Stylish, quick-to-construct and easily expandable are features that are giving this construction method plenty of attention.

10 Building Techniques That Make a Big Difference

Besides being reasonably priced, versatile in design and easy to modify, properly constructed post frame buildings, sometimes called pole buildings, have proven to survive some of the toughest weather conditions better than many conventional types of construction. Solidly grounded with properly fitted components, a post frame structure can last a lifetime and still maintain its […]

Post Frame Construction Exterior Design

  Post frame construction has become popular for a wide range of building styles. Versatile, durable, economical and attractive, post frame is employed today for private homes, schools, civic buildings, fire departments and other construction beyond the traditional farm and storage buildings. With today’s designs, the façade of a post frame building can be designed […]

Post Frame Buildings: How To Build In The Winter

When the winter months roll around, most construction stops. That’s because the cold temperatures can be detrimental to the concrete curing process.

Post Frame Construction Is As Green As They Get

Thinking about a new building for business or home use? Need a commercial building but want green, environmentally friendly components? A Post-frame building can serve your needs!
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