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Animal Health: Proper Drainage for your Post Frame Building

Proper drainage is a must when housing animals in a post-frame barn. Here are tips to ensure your animals stay safe and dry.

Considerations for your Post Frame Horse Barn

Post frame construction is perfect for a horse barn. Allows for ample mobility and storage. Factors to consider when building a post frame horse barn.

12 Tips for Building the Ultimate Horse Barn

Get tips for building the ultimate horse barn. Why the benefits of post frame construction make this the most popular choice for this application.

Tips for Building Horse Stalls and Barn Storage

When designing a horse barn, comfort for the horses and efficiency for the human caretakers are the primary considerations. The structure should be well ventilated with plenty of light and structured for easy access. Tack, food, water, and supplies should be readily available, and space should be ample to allow horses to move around comfortably.

Post Frame Buildings Make Perfect Horse Barns

People who love and work with horses know how important it is to keep horses in a structure that’s animal safe, sturdy and long-lasting. So, if you’re looking to construct a horse barn or horse training facility, look no further than a post frame building.

Building Solution Case Study: Equestrian Center

Interested in building a multi-use equestrian facility? Here’s the story of someone who did just that.  Learn about her needs and how Pacemaker Buildings was able to provide a cost-effective solution that met all of Ann’s expectations.