shingles vs metal roofing

Common Roof Options for Your Post Frame Building

Need help choosing roof options for your post frame building? Here are roof styles to best fit your post frame building's intended function.

Shingles vs Metal Roofing: Which is better for your Pole Building?

In terms of construction materials, there are good reasons for using shingles vs metal roofing on your pole building, the reasons are in this post.

10 Building Techniques That Make a Big Difference

Besides being reasonably priced, versatile in design and easy to modify, properly constructed post frame buildings, sometimes called pole buildings, have proven to survive some of the toughest weather conditions better than many conventional types of construction. Solidly grounded with properly fitted components, a post frame structure can last a lifetime and still maintain its […]

Structural Integrity Considerations of Post Frame Buildings

Post frame construction is a cost-effective, efficient, time saving, and most importantly, durable method of building a structure. Post frame buildings can be used for almost any purpose. Warehouses, stores, churches, schools, and workshops can be built using this technique. There are several factors you should consider when designing your building to ensure its structural […]

Post Frame Buildings: Metal vs. Shingle Roofing Options

For many years, post frame construction has been considered the best option for barns, storage, and other rural construction. With advancements in the technology, materials and methods, post frame is viable for many other types of buildings now as well. Today private homes, medical facilities, schools and more are using post frame techniques to meet […]

Designing and Constructing an Energy Efficient Post Frame Building

Now, more than ever, reducing the environmental impact of our activities is vital for the sustainability of our businesses and livelihoods.