post frame building lot size and shape

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Post Frame Building Size

Post frame buildings are easily adaptable structures. Here are tips on choosing the size of your post frame building.

Building a Post Frame Building on a Budget: Preparation Tips

In this post, we share post frame building preparation tips. Plans, permits, inspections, and items your budget should include.

Post Frame Buildings Flexible Interiors

The open uninterrupted space that is typical of post frame construction is perfect for accommodating just about any interior configuration. Without the load-bearing walls that are typical of other framing systems; post frame buildings easily allow as many, or as few, walls and partitions as you require.

Post Frame Building Type and Size Considerations

Versatile and durable post frame buildings are everywhere. Attractive and easy to maintain, post frame construction is used extensively for barns, schools, and churches, anywhere lots of interior space is needed. Lapsed time from planning to completion is shorter than with traditional construction, and material costs are less.