post frame building foundation

Post Frame Building Location Considerations

Planning to build a post frame structure? Here are the top 5 factors to consider when choosing a post frame building location.

Post Frame Foundations: Concrete Considerations

Some post frame buildings require concrete foundations or floors. However, stables and many barns don’t need a complete concrete finish. But in many other instances, like vehicle repair and storage, workshops, or retail space, a solid concrete foundation is essential. Here’s what to know about post frame foundations, concrete considerations.

Building a Post Frame Building on an Existing Foundation 

Building a Post Frame Building on an existing foundation offers benefits. Get answers to 4 essential considerations prior to moving forward.

Foundation Considerations for your Post Frame Building 

This guide on foundation considerations for your post frame building will help you make an informed decision on the best fit your structure.

Post Frame Building Foundation Options

It’s time to talk building foundations. When you build a commercial building, ag building, or one for your home or horses, there are different types of foundations and post-frame buildings give you flexibility in what you use. Post-frame construction is an attractive, economical and long-lasting option for many types of buildings. A favorite for barn […]