expanding a post frame building

Tips for Expanding Your Post Frame Building

Tips for Expanding Your Post Frame Building

Expanding Your Post Frame Building is easier than other types of construction. Here are essential factors to examine before proceeding.

Considerations for Other Spaces in Your Farm Shop Building  

A new post frame farm shop building can have additional functions. Consider segregating additional space for other use. Here are a few ideas.

How to Choose the Size of Your Post Frame Building

Consider these 3 tips for determining the size of your post frame building so that it will meet your needs now and in the future.

Pros and Cons of Renovating an Old Post Frame Building

Renovate the original post frame building, or do you tear it down and start over? Here are some considerations for renovating an old post frame building.

Top Tips for Adding an Addition to Your Post Frame Building

Need more space in your post frame building? 3 considerations to discuss with a design professional for a successful addition to your post frame building.

Adding to an Existing Post Frame Building

You’ve grown and you need more room…Good news! Expanding a post frame building is much easier and often less disruptive than with other types of construction. The post frame structure typically has wider clear space between vertical supports which allows the addition be connected at nearly any point with fewer changes and prep.