Exercise room in converted farm shop building space.

Building a new post frame “farm shop” does not mean that is its sole purpose. While building owners may be looking for the perfect environment to service, repair, store, and clean all the equipment necessary for successful operations, they should also recognize that some interior space might be used for other purposes.

While planning the work and storage space for your farm shop, include the necessary elements like work benches, tools, air lines, equipment, and storage. However, you can also consider segregating additional space to use for other purposes. Here are a few useful ideas:

Office Space

Your post frame design could accommodate much-needed office space. This may allow you to eliminate some of the clutter that may be accumulating in your residence. This could even free up more living area in the home and stop you from taking work home with you.

A well-equipped workshop office can provide uninterrupted working conditions and increase efficiency. It can also double as a comfortable meeting area or a space for peace and quiet.

Recreation Room

Your new farm shop post frame building will have high ceilings. Therefore, it could provide ample additional square footage to accommodate a first-class game or party room. Consider having a space that accommodates a ping pong, foosball, or pool table and a small kitchen, lounge, or bar area for refreshments.

Your new space could become your all-purpose “party room,” sparing your home the mess and potential damage created by loads of people. This can even double as break room for employees if you run your business out of the farm shop.


The extra high ceilings can accommodate a basketball hoop and other space-demanding sports. Create a separate area for your treadmill and other exercise equipment while cooling off in your newly added shower and bathroom afterward. This is a great way to add a gym to your property without taking up space within your main residence. Additionally, you can add climate control and electronics to create the perfect workout atmosphere.

Future Expansion

The benefits of designing extra space into your new post frame building far outweigh the incremental costs. With any construction method, adding space afterward costs more. It can also compromise the aesthetics of the original structure.

Even though you may have many practical or recreational uses for that extra space, know that the space can also allow you to expand your farm shop more easily as your business and equipment needs grow.

Perhaps the next generation or future owners might have other uses for the space. With post frame construction, most internal walls are removable, so future owners may outfit the structure in any way they choose.

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Post frame buildings offer greater versatility and adaptability than other construction methods. Designs are flexible and, with fewer materials and less labor required for each cubic foot of space, post frame buildings offer the most economical and long-lasting solution for almost any situation.

Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings professionals can help you achieve your goals with the right design, components, and construction expertise to create a perfectly scaled and equipped farm shop.

In addition, the Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings designer can help to configure available space to create a comfortable office, spacious recreation area, or even a tasteful and well-equipped separate living area.

Get the most from your investment. Create the perfect farm shop while optimizing extra space to create that additional room that enhances your lifestyle while perhaps freeing up space in your primary residence.

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