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Limit Wind Damage with a Post Frame Building

During high winds; post frame construction has a true advantage over traditional building methods. Learn how to limit wind damage with a post frame building.

Why Post Frame Buildings Make Great Restaurants

The restaurant business is a hectic, all-day affair in which you and your staff are bustling about all day, catering to the needs of your valued customers. Before they even taste the food, they have to walk into your restaurant building – it has to be attractive, sturdy and have enough room for your customers […]

The Science Behind Post Frame Construction

Post frame construction is a type of structure that’s been in use for centuries. Long poles made from tree trunks were sunk into the ground and used as frame members and roof supports. The rest of the structure was then built around these sunken poles.

Structural Integrity Considerations in Post Frame Buildings

A structure’s strength and durability rely on the frame and material being used. Several factors affect the structural integrity of a post frame building. A building is as strong as the sum of all these factors. It’s important to understand local building codes and requirements and design the building accordingly.  Here are some areas and […]