The Best Strategies for Caring and Maintaining Post Frame Buildings

Every building requires regular maintenance to retain their strength, appearance, and serviceability. Wooden buildings may need painting or stain while stone and brick gets cleaned, and metal sidings and roofing should be washed and cleared of unwanted debris. Fasteners and bolts must be checked, replaced or tightened throughout to ensure the integrity of the overall […]

Post Frame Buildings Make Perfect Horse Barns

People who love and work with horses know how important it is to keep horses in a structure that’s animal safe, sturdy and long-lasting. So, if you’re looking to construct a horse barn or horse training facility, look no further than a post frame building.

Structural Integrity Considerations in Post Frame Buildings

A structure’s strength and durability rely on the frame and material being used. Several factors affect the structural integrity of a post frame building. A building is as strong as the sum of all these factors. It’s important to understand local building codes and requirements and design the building accordingly.  Here are some areas and […]

Pacemaker Launches New Website Resource Center

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Pacemaker Buildings website! Our site is now “responsive” meaning it is mobile friendly and tablet friendly.  Go ahead and try the site out on a smartphone or even a iPad!  The new site is designed to be helpful for you as you consider building a […]