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The finished and long-term operating costs are two primary advantages to consider when looking at building types. Post frame buildings use less material and labor, shorter construction time, simplified site preparation that eliminates the foundation work required for other construction methods.

Estimating the cost of a post frame building depends on several variables.

    • Overall Size:

      The cost/square foot decreases due to efficiencies that kick in as the building size increases.

    • Features:

      The exterior features such as wainscoting, special exterior doors, expensive wall features and fixtures, and more.

    • Location:

      Freight plays a role in the cost of materials transported over a longer distance cost more. Additional freight cost would be required for any construction. However, post frame construction uses less material. Accessibility is also a factor.

    • Site:

      While site preparation only requires leveling the footprint, some locations need additional excavation. Since no standard concrete foundation is required, the site prep is always less extensive than with other methods.

    • Construction timeline:

      “I need it now” always costs more. Post frame time from site prep to completion can be half the time of other methods.

When considering all variables, a post frame construction of a 30’ x 45’ insulated building with concrete floor and exterior wainscoting should cost about  $45,000 to $50,000 to build. This finished cost equates to a modest $34 to $37 per square foot.

An uninsulated post frame structure of similar size would cost around $26 to $29 per square foot to complete.


Comparison with Wood Stud Frame Construction

Various sources apply differing estimates to the cost of a wood frame building today. By incorporating the same variables for a wood stud frame building, a reasonable calculation is:

  • Materials and Labor: $23-$40
  • Windows/Doors and Other: $10-$20
  • Foundation: $4-$8
  • Comparable exterior features: $10-$15
  • Insulation: $10-$20

A similar sized wood frame Building with insulation and exterior features could cost $55-$70 per square foot. Without the insulation, consider the cost of around $40 per square foot.

Do Your Homework

These estimates will vary depending upon the area of the country and costs of labor, freight, and materials. Prospective owners should carefully weigh all costs and benefits before proceeding.

The most crucial element is finding a trustworthy contractor and material supplier. This will ensure your finished building meets your requirements completely. Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings is a  world-class leader in post frame technology. We are eager to collaborate with information and support.

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