Modern post frame buildings serve many purposes. Although a long-time staple for agricultural building construction, post frame technology has become an attractive option for many buildings. These include retail, warehousing, workshops, airplane hangars, civic buildings. This is due to both the economic benefits and often quicker build times than traditional construction. Economy, durability, and flexibility are not the only advantages of post frame construction. The ease and long-term savings of maintaining these structures also render substantial reductions in expenditure and effort. To care for your investment, assure you are taking the right steps to maintain your post frame building.

Steps to Maintain Your Post Frame Building

Since today’s post frame structures require less material to build, they demand less effort to maintain. The support system of post frame buildings consists of treated columns that resist infestation and fungal decay both in and above the ground. The posts are also often anchored on concrete piers to enhance the longevity of the structure.

The metal cladding used for the exterior and roofing of these structures is coated with durable, and long-lasting paint to remain bright even after exposure to years of bright sunlight, weather, wind, and other harsh conditions.

So with the post frame’s advanced sustainability and durability, what else is do you need to ensure your building will last a lifetime?

Here are six necessary steps that will ensure the beauty and long life of your post frame building:

1. Regular Roof Inspection

As with any structure, you should plan regular visual inspections of all parts of the building. Check the roof for the development of any leaks, loose panels, or other separation that can allow wet spots to occur. Harsh winds, heavy rains, and ice can cause problems for any building. For instance, ice dams and other damaging elements can develop if the roof is not appropriately cleared.

2. Remove Debris

After any large storm or weather event, check your post frame building for damage or debris that may have landed on your roof. Remove the debris before it can cause any further damage. Additionally, you should regularly check and clear gutters of any leaves and other materials.

3. Keep It Clean

Dirt tends to become permanently fused to any surface if not removed within a reasonable amount of time. Ensure you hose down the sides and roof each month. Or, at least power wash the entire building annually. Your diligence in cleaning will keep the building looking like new for longer. As with any type of construction, a dull and dirty appearance leaves a bad impression, most notably with retail or other highly visible structures.

4. Inspect the Wood Components

As we know, insect infestation can be an issue with any building. “Stick-frame” or traditionally built homes and buildings require regular pest control throughout their existence. Periodic inspection of post frame buildings is also warranted, even though the wooden columns have been treated to resist infestation. The potential for problems is likely where the posts are concreted into the ground. This is where moisture and oxygen are most prevalent. If you spot any evidence of pests or moisture build up, contact a professional.

5. Check for Condensation

A professionally designed post frame structure should have sufficient ventilation from the outset to eliminate the development of condensation. If condensation is occurring within your building, contact an HVAC specialist or your post frame expert to help you find solutions to eliminate the problem.

6. Eliminate Drafts and Check Weather Stripping

A well-built and insulated post frame building should be tight and properly sealed. However, if you detect any unwanted air movement, check the weatherstripping around the doors and windows. These may need to be replaced every few years, depending on use.

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