As with any structure, post frame buildings will require repairs, renovations, and ongoing maintenance. Over time, weather events and other things can happen, and keeping the structure in good condition is essential. Consider hiring professionals from your post frame building company to identify and help with repairs and upgrades.

Here are some of the most common post frame building repairs and maintenance issues to be aware of.

Integrity of Your Post Frame Building

The first and most crucial step in post-frame building maintenance is to determine the building’s ability to withstand the forces it may experience. Severe winds and extra heavy loads can cause sagging or bending, which can result in significant damage later.

A qualified post frame building expert can help assess these problems and make suggestions to improve the situation. 

Extending Your Post Frame Building’s Life

Often extending the life of your post frame building is more economical than building a new structure. If the integrity of the building is still intact, then some upgrades can help to extend its life.

Here are ten areas that are most prone to deterioration over time. It is a good idea to inspect these frequently and make the necessary improvements.

  1. Gutters: Snow and ice can cause severe damage. Furthermore, parts of the system may disconnect due to wear and tear. Inspect the gutter system, then repair or replace what is necessary.
  2. Roof Leaks: Over time, due to extreme weather, roofs can detach and need to be re-secured. Loose connections are often the culprit.
  3. Ridge Cap Replacement: Damage due to age or severe weather will require replacement.
  4. Rotted Post Frame Columns: Posts over 20 years old can rot. Your post frame expert can help create solutions using modern post options.
  5. Rust: Moisture may eventually find its way inside and create rust. Perform regular inspections, replace rusted connectors with galvanized steel, and add insulation to the barn to keep moisture out. 
  6. Accidental Damage: Striking the sides of your post frame barn with your equipment is a common problem. Repair the damage immediately to keep other issues from hurting your barn further.
  7. Fire: It happens, and the extent of the damage may require partial repairs or even a completely new construction.
  8. Sliding Door Replacement: Sliding doors can become unhinged or freeze shut in cold, snowy conditions. Invest in self-contained doors that are not affected by the weather and will open and close with ease.
  9. Storm Damage: High winds, hailstorms, and other severe weather conditions can cause substantial damage to your building. Consult with your post frame expert to determine the best course of action.
  10.  Post Frame Design Loads: If the original design load assessment turns out to be insufficient, you need to work with your post frame expert to find ways to enhance the structure’s ability to sustain higher loads. 
  11.  Refresh: Cleaning and possibly painting the exterior will refresh a building that is looking tired. Additionally, it can help extend the life of your post frame building.

Think About Some Additions

You may be considering a new use for your post frame building. Adding an office or living quarters is possible by adding framing and drywall to create a new interior layout. You can also improve the overall interior finish with new drywall and paint. 

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