Horse saddles hanging in a well organized post frame building tack room.

Having a versatile post frame building gives you the flexibility to do what you need to do and to adequately store everything. Whether the structure is primarily for a workshop, farm or vehicle storage, equestrian center, or general multi-purpose facility, solid organizational solutions for your post frame building will enhance its usability.

As we know, available space fills up fast. We know that without a reasonable organizational strategy, your beautiful post frame interior can take on the appearance of an overstuffed garage. Additionally, finding that much-needed tool or spare part in all the clutter can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Strategies for Organizing Your Post Frame Building

Mindset and Commitment

Whether you envision a new post frame building or are rethinking better organization for an existing space, a well-conceived plan is essential. This will optimize your storage and save time throughout the project. We know from experience that untidy storage spaces are a significant time drain. Often, due to un-organization, we find ourselves wandering and searching for much-needed items almost constantly.

Often people even replace things they already own but cannot find, which can cause a significant loss in profit for businesses. To prevent this, commit to returning all items back to their designated spot after use. For example, keep tools and hardware in one well-organized area, supplies in another, and replacement parts elsewhere. However, ensure everything that is frequently used is within easy reach.

Mounting shelving, holders, and supports on perimeter walls can save precious floor space while providing the easy access you need.

If you are organizing an equestrian center tack room, for example, arrange the various bridles, blankets, saddles, and other equipment and supplies neatly so that you will have easy access to these when needed. With proper care, these will last longer as well.

Workshops also should be set up to allow you to easily reach for or access any tools, fasteners, or other equipment.

Maximize Your Space: Install Devices for Easy Storage and Access

Clutter wastes time and money, not to mention looks unprofessional if you have clients visiting your workshop. Here are some suggestions for organizational solutions for your post frame building to make your life easier:

1. Add open shelving

Storing smaller items, spare parts, glue, tape, seasonal items, and extra supplies on shelves attached to the perimeter wall makes everything easy to see and quickly accessible. Build the shelves to accommodate larger items and avoid overhang. You could also add containers to the shelves to store smaller items together. Ensure there is ample lighting in the room.

2. Install pegboard for tools

A hanging pegboard with hooks is a great way to keep your tools visible and accessible. Additionally, you can save time by placing your workbench or table under or close to this pegboard. This allows you to easily reach for and replace tools while you are working. When storage systems are within reach, you are less likely to leave a tool lying around.

3. Install hooks or reels

Use wall-mounted hooks and hose reels to keep electrical cords, ropes, and hoses from becoming jumbled messes. This also allows you to see exactly what you have and what you might need to get.

4. Install an enclosed container for toxic fluids and paints

Flammable and toxic items should be stored in separate covered containers or enclosures to eliminate fumes while minimizing fire potential. Ensure these are also placed in a safe area away from tools that produce heat or sparks.

5. Be Conscientious

This preparation and organization is wasted if you do not follow through with the systems put in place. Ensure you and all your staff are on board with the new organization system. Otherwise, you may prematurely feel your post frame building has become cramped and more space is needed.

Work with an Expert Post Frame Company

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