Adding protection to your post frame building is an absolute necessity for many property owners. This is where you house your valuable equipment, vehicles, and other possessions you do not want stolen. Furthermore, you want to keep the area dry and protected from outside elements. Let’s explore security solutions for protecting your post frame building.

Planning Your Security

Preliminary planning for your post frame building ensures that the structure will be solidly protected and equipped to deal with any unwarranted access. Consider security devices like alarm systems, motion-activated lights, and cameras while utilizing strong locks, reinforced windows, secure doors, and perhaps even some interior reinforcements.

These and other enhancements will make your new post frame building secure and are easy to add during the design phase.

Install Motion Sensor Lighting and Cameras

Criminals prefer to operate in the dark. If the area is suddenly bathed in powerful lighting, they are exposed and will quickly retreat. Motion-activated illumination around the building is a great deterrent to intruders. 

Motion-detecting cameras placed both inside and outside the structure record activity around it. This gives you an idea of where intruders may be attempting to enter and possibly even their identity.

Limit the Access

Any door or window should have a purpose. By limiting the number of access points in your post frame building, you limit the options that an intruder may have to enter your building. Keep doors and windows to a minimum for the building’s purpose and increase the overall security of the building.

Secure Doors and Windows

When adding openings to your post frame building, consider the security of all access points. Ensure all doors are secure with deadbolt locks and reinforced hinges. Installing security windows throughout the structure can also help discourage forced entry. 

These elements will deter vandals and cause them to go elsewhere, keeping access to just those who are authorized.

Installing a Security System in Your Post Frame Building

A more sophisticated security system can alert you to potential intruders into your post frame building. These sensitive devices allow you to monitor your structure remotely and alert you to anyone trying to enter. These systems provide live audio and visual surveillance and provide additional peace of mind. Furthermore, you can utilize them to check on animals, turn on/off lights and more. 

Secure Locks

Locks are essential to protecting your building and its contents. Purchase the most robust locks—ones that can withstand the force a criminal may apply. Potential criminals do not want to spend too much time at your location, so discouraging them with robust locks is a good strategy. 

Avoid the Effects of Flooding with Concrete Flooring

Theft is not your only concern when storing your valuable items. Make sure your post frame building is designed to eliminate and avoid flooding or pooling caused by a significant rainstorm. Properly graded and sloped concrete flooring, plus well-positioned drains, will eliminate accumulation problems. 

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