Post frame buildings have been a popular choice for many industries over the years. These structures don’t rely on internal walls to carry the weight of the roof. They leave wide open areas that are perfect for a variety of uses, storage facilities, garages and offices are popular options for a post frame building.

FlooringOptionspost frame building earth floor

During the planning process for your post frame building, you’ll need to choose your flooring. While many agricultural applications simply leave the floor bare earth or sand, many other flooring options are available.

FlooringOptionsconcrete floor for a post frame building


One of the most popular flooring options for post frame buildings used for manufacturing and storage is concrete. Concrete floors are durable, easy to clean and last a long time. They can withstand heavy loads for storage needs and help protect products from moisture.

Painted or treated concrete

Another flooring option is painted or treated concrete. You don’t have to settle for plain gray. Once your concrete floor is cured properly, you can use a variety of products to produce colored flooring. By painting or staining the flooring, you can produce a variety of patterns and beautiful colors to fit your decor.

FlooringOptionsCourt floor post frame building

FlooringOptionswood floor 2

FlooringOptionsfitness room floor for post frame building

Gym flooring

If you are using your post frame building for a personal gym, you will be happy to know that gym flooring is another option for post frame buildings. Gym flooring can be installed over concrete or wooden framed flooring. Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to enjoy your own personal gym anytime.

FlooringOptionspost frame building heated floor

Heated floors

For maximum comfort in your post frame building–especially in colder regions–you might want to consider floors with radiant heat. Heated floors are easily installed in post frame buildings and are a great option to save energy and money.


Carpet is a great option for a business located in a post frame building. It adds comfort and familiarity. Carpet can be installed over concrete or wood flooring. No matter what use you have for your post frame building you can be assured there are flooring options to fit your needs, the options are endless.

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