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Common Post Frame Building Repairs

Common post frame building repairs are far more straightforward than you would think. Here are top 5 tips on repairing or upgrading you post frame building.

7 Tips to Save Money on Your Post Frame Building

To make your beautiful post frame building even more economical than it already is, consider these 7 tips to save money on your post frame building.

Pros and Cons of Renovating an Old Post Frame Building

Renovate the original post frame building, or do you tear it down and start over? Here are some considerations for renovating an old post frame building.

How Additional Features Can Impact Snow Load on Your Post Frame Building

Design your post frame roof system should deflect, snow pile up. These are some of the design features that can impact snowload on your post frame building.

How to Choose the Best Flooring Options for Your Post Frame Building

Choosing flooring options for your post frame building depends on how plan to use your building. Here are 6 different options for flooring to consider.

Top Tips for Adding an Addition to Your Post Frame Building

Need more space in your post frame building? 3 considerations to discuss with a design professional for a successful addition to your post frame building.

Mezzanine and Storage Options for Your Post Frame Building

Adding a second floor, mezzanine or storage option to your post frame building or barn can be a great addition. These tips will help you do it right.

RV Storage Buildings using Post Frame Construction

Looking for RV storage solution? Post Frame construction for RV storage buildings is a great option. Find out the benefits of using post frame construction.

More Than a Barn, Post Frame Buildings Are for People Too

Post Frame buildings are for people, not just a building method for barns and livestock. Here's a look at the many possible uses for post frame buildings.

7 Exterior Finish Options for Your Post Frame Building

7 exterior finish options for your post frame building. Consider these options to achieve a desired aesthetic and coordinate with surrounding architecture.
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