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What You Need

Pacemaker Buildings is an experienced, professional design and post frame contractor that has the equipment, knowledge, and expertise to help you every step of the way.

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What We Create

Pacemaker Buildings is a regional leader in designing, manufacturing and constructing post frame buildings for the agricultural, commercial, equestrian, and suburban markets.

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See The Results

Pacemaker Buildings have been able to perfect the art of crafting beautiful, durable, cost-effective structures for more than 30 years. Just ask our clients!

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What you need in a Post Frame Building

You need and deserve the best when you want to implement your dream building!

Pacemaker Buildings is a forward-thinking, family-owned Post Frame Construction Company.

You need and get with Pacemaker, a team:

  • Committed to utilizing our broad experience 
  • A diverse team of skilled employees 
  • In-house manufacturing processes
  • Energy Efficient options and materials


1220015542.jpgBy specializing exclusively on post-frame construction for more than 40 years, Pacemaker Buildings have been able to perfect the art of crafting beautiful, durable, cost-effective structures that meet the needs of our clients.  Read more about the Pacemaker Building Process >

Since 1975 when our Company Founder, Wayne Schrock, laid a foundation based on the simple premise to provide a high-quality building at a fair price and to treat our clients as we would like to be treated, Pacemaker Buildings has grown into a multifaceted designer and builder serving Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan and Northwest Ohio from our office in North Webster, Indiana.

Keys to look for in a Post Frame Builder are:

1. Has the contractor had an established business address and office for many years?

{what happens after the “sale”…will they be able to provide follow up services in 5 years or in 25 years}


2. Is the contractor a building manufacturer with company employed crews and equipment or do they purchase a “package of material” and use outside crews to build?

{who is accountable during and after project completion}


3. Does the contractor carry adequate liability, builder’s risk, and workman’s compensation insurance? Do they have a managed safety program in place?

{Inadequate coverage means you will be liable for wind damage, material theft, property damage,

personal injury and potential lawsuits}


4. Does the contractor specialize in Post Frame Construction

{Membership in National Frame Builders Association…specialize in post frame engineering and design

and build pre-engineered systems that meet or exceed code requirements…they attend ongoing

educational training seminars and best practice methodologies with the latest technology}


5.  Ask about differences in the quality and methods of application that will affect how long your new building maintains its structural integrity.

{will my building maintain that “new” luster aesthetically or will it fade and chalk after only a short

time…will it be structurally sound for years to come or will it “buckle” under heavy loading conditions}


6. Look for a contractor who specializes in the kind of building you are constructing.

{Are they an “expert and experienced” or do they “contract” for many trades}


We meet and exceed all these areas with a professional team delivering the best professional product. Click on "What We Create" or "See the Results" to learn more about our building types and gallery of finished post frame buildings.  

Learn more about the Pacemaker Building Process and energy efficiency processes.