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When to Build Your Post Frame Building

When to build your post frame building.

While it is always nice to choose when exactly to build your post frame building, sometimes the need outstrips any seasonal conveniences.

However, there are certain times of the year that are more comfortable to be outside – when it is nicer to complete a construction project. The key is to anticipate your needs and contact a post frame construction professional in advance to schedule the time that works best for you. To help you out with planning, below are some considerations.

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Drainage Options for Post Frame Buildings

Drainage options for Post Frame buildings.

Drainage options for post frame buildings. Eliminating the potential for water accumulation anywhere within or around your post frame building is critical. Water can weaken the structural components of the building, and damage whatever is inside. Not to mention it can foster the growth of mold and other problems that can become difficult to eradicate.

Whether on the surface or in the subsurface, the excess water without proper drainage is a sure sign of a design or construction failure.

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Site Prep for Post Frame Buildings

Site Prep for Post Frame Buildings-315Before you can look up to admire the beauty and sensibility of your post frame building, it is necessary for you first to consider what lies beneath it. Site selection and proper site preparations are critical elements to ensuring a safe and long-lasting post frame building.

As with any construction method, improper site preparation can result in an unstable structure with bad drainage, weather vulnerability, or other problems.

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