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Steps to Building the Perfect Horse Barn

Post frame building Horse Barn and corral.

Horse barns and equestrian centers demand a particular set of requirements to ensure the health and safety of the animals and their owners. Considering each element during the planning stage is crucial to ensure the necessary components are in place. Here are the steps to building the perfect horse barn.

Elements to Consider

How much space will you need? Consider the storage, tack room, and an office with a bathroom and possibly even a shower area for humans. How many horses will the structure design support? Can you justify an indoor arena and exercise area when lousy weather arrives?

What type of heating and cooling systems may be necessary to keep the interior comfortable in any season? How much insulation is needed? These are all questions that need careful consideration before starting to build.

Consult with a Post Frame Professional to Develop the Plan

Before investing any money in the project, the first step is to consult with an experienced post frame professional in your area. This allows you to list your requirements, determine the size of horse barn you will need, choose the best location, and investigate all local code restrictions that may be in play.

With the help of an experienced post frame professional, you can incorporate these inputs into a plan for a long-lasting, economical, and energy-efficient horse barn that should meet your needs for decades.

A reputable post frame company with decades of experience will help you create the right plan. They’ll also provide the necessary staff to prepare the site for proper drainage, and even execute the construction.

Exterior Considerations

The plan should include your vision of how you would like the structure to look. This may even complement the adjacent architecture, home, and other structures.

Precise location, spacing, and directional orientation will be critical elements during the build process. Careful attention to maneuvering space for animals and equipment are vital considerations at this point.

Make sure electricity and water are available. Additionally, if an office is necessary in your equestrian center, will internet and cell phone service be available?

Post frame horse barn interior with 2 horse and handler.

Interior Considerations

Ensuring you have sufficient space inside to accomplish what you need to is also essential. Horses and humans must have room to maneuver, saddle and unsaddle, store all necessary tack, medicines, and short-term supplies. Not to mention the requirement of easy access for cleaning stalls and interior areas.

The standard recommendation for any horse stall should be at least 12’ by 12’ for a 1000 lb. horse. Larger horses may require a 14’ x 14’ space or more, according to Equine Facility Design.

Is Expansion a Possibility?

Horse lovers often end up expanding their herd over the years. At the outset, you may choose to add a few stalls to the plan. After all, these are helpful for shifting animals around while cleaning or for other reasons.

Expansion is frequently inevitable, thus, make sure your initial site plan allows ample space for adding to the initial post frame horse barn. With post frame construction, adding on is far easier than with many other building construction methods. This is because of the wide spacing between the vertical posts.

Make Sure You Have the Necessary Permits

Consulting with your local authorities to get permits for new construction will help you get underway sooner and avoid delays. Your post frame builder/expert will also know what needs to be in place before starting.

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Representing one of the region’s top post frame supply and construction companies, the Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings professionals can help in each step to create the ideal post frame solution for horse owners. Whether for a simple but highly functional two-horse stall setup or a more expansive multi-faceted equestrian center, the Pacemaker Post Frame Building experts can help with each step in the process.

Located in North Webster, Indiana, Pacemaker has provided high-quality, durable post-framer buildings for over four decades to clients in Northern Indiana, Northwestern Ohio, and Southern Michigan.

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Considerations for your Post Frame Horse Barn

Considerations-for-your-Post-Frame-Horse-BarnModern post frame construction offers the ideal design for a horse barn or equestrian center. The large unobstructed space combined with a lofty roof structure and flexible interior space allows for ample mobility and storage capacity.

The flexible floorplan of your post frame horse barn should accommodate your changing needs and allow you to add, remove, or expand your stall and storage capacity as needed.

Here are a few factors you should keep in mind while thinking about your new post frame horse barn:

How Many Horses?

Just as when you look for a home for your family, the first consideration is how many will be living there. Your barn should be able to comfortably accommodate the number of animals you plan to house. Also, consider the future as well.

Horse enthusiasts occasionally underestimate the number of horses they plan to own or board, so make sure you have room for expansion if needed. You can always find a current use for the extra space, and the incremental cost per square foot with post frame construction is minimal.

How Big Should Each Stall Be?

Generally, each horse should have enough space to lie down, stand up, and turn around easily. The recommended size for most horses is 12’ x 12’. However, having a larger space gives you more room to easily conduct your visual examinations, have a vet attend, attach a lead, or other engagement with the horse.

Wide Aisles are Useful

When leading one or several horses to and from their stalls or staging them for riding or washing, ample room is needed for the horses and people to maneuver easily. The main aisle should be at least 12’ to 16’ wide.

Wash Bay

To maintain the horses’ health and to keep your post frame horse barn clean, a wash bay is very important. Functionality during every season is a must. The area should have durable flooring and be located away from the stalls, feeding areas, and the tack room. Ample lighting and, of course, a clean water supply is essential.

Make sure you that you have substantial drainage in the space to prevent water from backing up and flooding.

Washing a horse in an area that is too small can be dangerous. Design enough room to turn the animal around and leave plenty of space so you can manage any skittish animals.


Maintaining a clean atmosphere while keeping the air moving is good for both horses and humans. Post frame structures offer a variety of ways to provide natural ventilation. This can be achieved through open rooftop cupolas or overhangs that offer shade and cool air. Additionally, plenty of doors and windows can be left open when needed. You can even add ceiling and floor fans to ensure occupants stay comfortable.


Natural lighting should be your primary source. Plenty of glass windows plus open windows placed beneath overhangs should be enough during daylight hours. At night, you will need to rely on electric lighting strategically spaced to allow visibility to all stalls and rooms within. You can also add security lighting around the perimeter.

Tack Room

A spacious, comfortable tack room is perfect for storing your tack, equipment, brushes, and other non-food supplies in a protected environment. You might also want to make this area your private office or relaxation area, the perfect spot to unwind.

You could also consider adding a bathroom with a shower, a kitchenette, and a TV area, as well, depending on your space and needs.

Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings: Experts in Horse Barns and Equestrian Centers

As you think about constructing or upgrading your horse barn, look for support from a post frame construction company like Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings in Northern Indiana. Primarily serving the Midwest and Great Lakes Region. Pacemaker will design, supply components, and construct the highest quality post-frame buildings for equestrian. commercial, agricultural, civic, and residential buildings. In business for over three decades, Pacemaker has been prominent in the technological evolution of modern post frame buildings.

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Tips for Building Horse Stalls and Barn Storage

Tips for Building Horse Stalls and Barn Storage-315When designing a horse barn, comfort for the horses and efficiency for the human caretakers are the primary considerations. The structure should be well ventilated with plenty of light and structured for easy access. Tack, food, water, and supplies should be readily available, and space should be ample to allow horses to move around comfortably.

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