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The Advantages of Using Post Frame Buildings for Factories and Businesses

The Advantages of Using Post Frame Buildings for Factories and Businesses-315

Many businesses, especially newer ones, are looking for the economical and appropriate space to conduct their operations. With business growth as a core objective, business managers continually review and assess the requirements for a successful expansion, hoping that they can move before their existing facilities interrupt operating efficiency.

The optimal solution, particularly for factories and many businesses, is to have a facility that is:

Custom designed for efficiency and growth

Whether your business requires individual office spaces, wide-open retail space, room for ample and easy-to-access storage, or a combination of these, post frame buildings can accommodate many configurations without having to work around load-bearing walls and other interferences.

Adaptable to changing demands

As your company grows, existing post frame buildings within can be reconfigured to adapt to changing conditions.

Easily expandable

Adding space is easier than with conventional structures because of the widely spaced vertical support columns.


In high wind areas, building a structure that is proven to withstand severe wind damage and flying objects is essential. Specifically, in hurricane and tornado-prone areas, structures need to be built to last.


The reputation of any business starts with the appearance of their facilities. A beautifully clad, designed and landscaped business facility or factory will create the best impression. Thus help to gain acceptance in the community.


If expansion to accommodate growth requires a sizeable investment, further growth may be curtailed.

Post Frame Buildings Provide the Best Solution for Growth

Adaptable, Flexible, Durable, Attractive, and Affordable

A well-designed post frame building often minimizes interior load-bearing walls and pillars. The weight of the roof is borne by the sturdy pressure-treated vertical wooden perimeter columns. These columns are anchored at least four feet into the ground. This configuration leaves an unobstructed open area perfect for a variety of uses. From offices, retail shelving, production areas, and storage, to the ease of maneuvering for people and equipment.

One of the most important features for a growing enterprise is the ability to shift partitions and equipment to accommodate higher volume and greater efficiency. Due to eight-foot or greater spacing between the vertical posts, makes it easy to add post frame additions.

The widely spaced and deeply anchored wooden posts of a post frame building redirect wind load forces. Forcing them directly into the ground. Conventional construction is more likely to “shear off” at ground level where it attaches to a foundation during severe wind storms. After heavy storms, some post frame buildings have remained standing while other buildings in the area were leveled.

A post frame building can have the same architectural features as overhangs, dormers, porticos, and more as standard-built structures. In addition, any exterior cladding like brick, wood paneling, stucco, wainscoting, and more is possible. Many people find that stylish post-frame-built home is an excellent option. Especially when panoramic vistas and open spaces are to be enjoyed.

Post frame construction often requires less time to build, more efficient use of materials, and labor to assemble. The time from plan to finish for many post frame structures has been one-half the time spent for a conventional stick or metal frame buildings.

Many of the components can are pre-built and fitted, thereby eliminating the waste that is of usually part of a normal construction project.

Contact Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings for More Information

Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings is the Midwest’s leader in post-frame construction. Strategically located in Northern Indiana, Pacemaker is a manufacturer, supplier, and builder of top-quality post frame buildings and components.

Manufacturers and businesses should contact Pacemaker before making a final decision on any new facility. Post frame buildings meet all the criteria for any growing business, and Pacemaker can help you to make the right choices.

Visit the Pacemaker Post Frame Building website gallery to view some of the remarkable and practical structures built for a wide range of applications.

Also, on their website, Pacemaker offers their free downloadable Guide Book for planning a new building.

If you have questions, visit the Contact Us page of the Pacemaker website with your contact information or phone 1-888-834-4448.

The Advantages of Using Post Frame Buildings for Barns and Equestrian Centers


Prospective barn and equestrian center owners have an extensive list of requirements to guarantee the structure matches their expectations. Especially to meet the requirements of functionality, cost, aesthetics, and durability. Coming up short in any of these areas can be regrettable and costly.

Post frame construction is the perfect option for barns and equestrian centers. Inherently adaptable, with wide, clear space within, post frame construction allows for unobstructed movement and notable flexibility.

What is Post Frame Construction?

An early form of post frame construction, pole barns, has been used for agricultural purposes for nearly a century. Over the decades, newer methods and materials have increased the viability of post frame construction for many other purposes.

Today, civic buildings, schools, retail outlets, fire stations, schools, new barns, equestrian centers, schools, and even private residences use post frame technique. The building exteriors may be clad and finished with just about any material or architectural feature that may be used with standard construction methods.

While post frame construction is relatively simple, the architectural engineering that produces a highly durable, versatile, sustainable, and practical structure is complex. Post frame buildings consist of widely spaced, pressure-treated heavy wooden columns anchored securely in the ground at depths of at least four feet. Secured to these vertical members are support girts and trusses that are connected without concrete, masonry or conventional wood or metal studs. As a result, external forces from high winds and even tornadoes are redirected through the vertical pillars and directly into the ground beneath.

Important Advantages of a Post Frame Barn or Equestrian Center


Barns and equestrian centers require open space to be effective. Obstructions like load-bearing vertical beams in conventional buildings present problems when maneuvering tractors, equipment, and horses within the structure. Backing up, turning around, and reversing is simple when these obstructions.

Also, when storing supplies and feed for animals, loading and unloading are easier without the interference of space-limiting obstructions.

Adaptability and Flexibility

As an owner’s needs change, interiors of any post frame building can be redesigned to accommodate more or fewer interior rooms or walls. No interior partition is load-bearing. Hence additional stalls and storage areas can be easily added to the building.

If the original structure becomes too small for growing requirements, expansion is simpler than with conventional construction. Upright support beams are 8-10 feet apart in post frame structures. Thus a new addition may be added that immediately provides wide access from the original building.


Post frame construction offers more for less.

First, the design itself costs less due to its simplicity. Secondly, site prep only requires grading to level the surface.

Also, the elapsed time from start to finish for a post frame building is roughly half of a conventional structure. Labor and material costs are substantially less.

As well operating costs are lower. Eight foot spacing between vertical posts and deep cavities of the 4” support beams allow for more efficient insulation application. The standard 12 to 16-inch spacing with “stick frame” wooden framing creates many more “breaks” in the insulation.  And therefore a greater opportunity for energy loss.


Everything in a post frame building is recyclable. Furthermore, wood is a renewable resource. These elements, plus higher energy efficiency, make post frame building for agricultural and equestrian use a truly eco-friendly option.

Contact Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings

Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings, strategically headquartered in North Webster, Indiana, at the approximate center of the triangle created by metro Chicago, Indianapolis, and Detroit, is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and constructing post frame buildings for every application. Past and current projects include municipal and civic buildings, agricultural structures, residences, retail buildings, and more.

To view some examples of Pacemaker’s outstanding projects, check out Our Gallery website section to see some amazing results in a range of categories.

For more information about post frame construction, call the Pacemaker experts at 1-888-834-4448.

Alternatively, complete the brief information section of the Contact Us page, and one of our Pacemaker professionals will contact you at your suggested time.

Post Frame Building Types and Size Considerations

Post-Frame-Building-Types-and-Size-Considerations-315There are few limits to the potential uses of beautiful and economical post frame buildings. Some of the benefits are ease of construction, durability, expansive uninterrupted space inside. As well as featuring modern techniques and materials, post frame buildings have become a premier solution for many more applications than just merely agricultural structures.

Post frame construction has evolved from simple pole barn buildings into highly sophisticated, technically engineered and durable structures that offer the aesthetics of more conventional buildings.

The Versatility of Post Frame Construction

Are you planning for an economical, energy-efficient, and durable civic building? One that doesn’t involve those space-wasting, weight-bearing columns and pillars? How about a retail or office building with the flexibility to accommodate changes in the interior layout?

Or, are you considering a cost-effective building? One that can go from initial blueprints to finished construction in a much shorter time without breaking the budget? Consider also that post-frame construction allows for easy future additions without disruption to your existing space.

How about a post frame structure for your school or church? The open design allows for easy adjustment to growth and flexibility by allowing you to move walls as you wish, not restricted by existing structure.

How are Post Frame Buildings Constructed

In simplest terms, and with some variations, the basic structure of a post frame building is a framework consisting of sturdy treated wooden columns. Columns are sunk at least four feet into the ground approximately six to eight feet apart. In addition, the columns are anchored on concrete piers or another system for permanent stability. The posts are joined by horizontal members to create a solid box. The roof consists of prefabricated engineered trusses lowered and solidly anchored onto the frame.

Site preparation involves leveling the footprint where the structure will sit and providing the proper compactable granular fill material.

The exterior cladding can be anything from steel, brick, masonry, wood siding, stucco, or combinations of these. Install the roofing material and the landscaping of your choice and the outer appearance of the completed building becomes a beautiful addition to the neighborhood.

Install utilities, insulation, interior covering, and the interior layout and your beautiful new business, home, school, church, civic building, fire station, retail space, auto dealership or service center, storage facility, or barn is often ready to go in less time of a conventional stick frame or brick structure.

Popular Applications for Post Frame Construction

Check out the website of Pacemaker Buildings, a leading designer, manufacturer, and builder of post frame buildings, and components in Northern Indiana, Southwest Michigan, and Northeast Ohio. Pacemaker features a Gallery of their many successful post frame buildings in Elkhart County, St Joseph County and more. The photographs include buildings for commercial, residential, suburban, civic, equestrian, and agricultural buildings.

Civic Buildings and Schools

City and county budgetary restraints frequently restrict the addition of new space. Post frame is an ideal economical option since the technology reduces the time from design to construction. Moreover, post frame construction makes efficient use of materials required to build and the adaptability of the new building to future change.

Fire Stations, Municipal Equipment Storage, Car Dealerships

The open, unobstructed space within a post frame building allows for smooth movement and storage of large and small vehicles. Therefore, without the weight-bearing columns to interfere with maneuvering, post frame is perfect for handling heavy equipment.

Retail Space

Retailers need sizeable open space for their customers to view more within the building to find areas they may seek. Obstructive pillars “chop up” space and makes the building seem smaller.

Schools and Churches

For their growing and changing needs, schools and churches can add and adapt their space easily than when permanent walls have been built into the structure.

Contact Pacemaker Buildings

For more information regarding the economics, durability, and sustainability of post-frame construction, contact Pacemaker Buildings. You can visit their website to increase your understanding of post-frame constructions many advantages.

To speak with a Pacemaker professional about your next project, phone Pacemaker at (888)-834-4448.