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Building a Post Frame Building on an Existing Foundation 


Some farm and home owners find themselves faced with the prospect of what to do with a large concrete slab. Often this is all that remains from an old structure or left in place from a defunct basketball or tennis court. Consider building a post frame building on an existing foundation.

In other instances, property owners may be thinking about demolishing a dilapidated structure that is seated on a sound concrete foundation.  And replacing the old building with a new multi-purpose post frame structure.

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Foundation Considerations for your Post Frame Building 


Once you have decided that a post frame building will be the best option for your project, deciding the appropriate foundation is next. Let’s look at foundation considerations for your post frame building. As you probably already know, a post frame building may need only a properly leveled piece of real estate to support a long-lasting, highly-functional structure.

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Post Frame Building Foundation Options

Post Frame Building Foundation Options
It’s time to talk building foundations.

When you build a commercial building, ag building, or one for your home or horses, there are different types of foundations and post-frame buildings give you flexibility in what you use. Post-frame construction is an attractive, economical and long-lasting option for many types of buildings. A favorite for barn construction for decades, post-frame has developed into a viable solution for schools, municipal buildings, fire departments and even private homes. New technology, materials, and improved techniques have added substantially to the overall viability and longevity of post-frame buildings for a wide variety of applications. Continue reading