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Post Frame Building Location Considerations

Post Frame Building Location

While the limitations regarding where to place a post frame building tend to be less restrictive than those of a conventionally built structure, there are still several important issues to consider for your post frame location.

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Post Frame Foundations: Concrete Considerations


Some post frame buildings require concrete foundations or floors. However, stables and many barns don’t need a complete concrete finish. But in many other instances, like vehicle repair and storage, workshops, or retail space, a solid concrete foundation is essential. Here’s what to know about post frame foundations, concrete considerations.

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Building a Post Frame Building on an Existing Foundation 


Some farm and home owners find themselves faced with the prospect of what to do with a large concrete slab. Often this is all that remains from an old structure or left in place from a defunct basketball or tennis court. Consider building a post frame building on an existing foundation.

In other instances, property owners may be thinking about demolishing a dilapidated structure that is seated on a sound concrete foundation.  And replacing the old building with a new multi-purpose post frame structure.

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