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Post-Frame Construction: Economical, Energy-Efficient, and Eco-Friendly

Post-Frame Construction: Economical, Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Post frame construction is a viable solution for nearly any type of building today. Economical, energy efficient and sustainable, post frame or pole barn-type buildings are durable, long lasting and may be configured for a wide range of commercial, governmental and residential uses.

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Post Frame Buildings: Maintenance

Post Frame Buildings- Maintenance
One of the many advantages of modern post-frame buildings is that these building structures require far less ongoing maintenance than other buildings. As with any building, however, many of the elements of the structure should be inspected periodically. But the simplicity of post-frame construction combined with durable external and internal materials usually warrant very little in the way of upkeep.

Developments in Post-Frame Construction

A well-maintained and constructed post-frame building will last a lifetime as an inexpensive option for many applications while providing a clean and attractive element to your property.
In years past, post-frame construction consisted of placing tempered wooden posts directly into the ground. While these members are treated to withstand temperature changes, moisture, and bacteria in the soil for decades without decay, eventually these will begin to deteriorate. These older buildings may need to be regularly inspected below ground level to determine if decay may have started.
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Post Frame Construction Exterior Design

Post Frame Construction Exterior Design


Post frame construction has become popular for a wide range of building styles.

Versatile, durable, economical and attractive, post frame is employed today for private homes, schools, civic buildings, fire departments and other construction beyond the traditional farm and storage buildings. With today’s designs, the façade of a post frame building can be designed with virtually any siding options including features such as brick, stone, wood, block, stucco or another type of exterior finishes.

Similarly, roofing options to match the exterior are available in a wide variety of materials to accommodate aesthetic appeal, insulation, and slope. The customization options are nearly limitless!

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