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How to Choose the Size of Your Post Frame Building


Determining how large your new post frame structure should be will depend on several different factors. The principal considerations will be the use of the building and what available land space you have to build on. These factors will help you choose the size of your post frame building.

For example, a warehouse or fire station will likely call for larger space needs than a workshop or typical horse barn.

Below are the main variables you will need to factor into your space calculations when planning for the size of your post frame building.

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Pros and Cons of Renovating an Old Post Frame Building

Post Frame building being renovated

Your aging post frame barn or storage structure has served you well for decades. But now you need something bigger and perhaps you are looking for a more contemporary look. Do you consider renovating an old post frame building, or do you tear it down and start over?

Renovating an Old Post Frame Building

Condition of the Existing Building

Before making the decision to renovate what you have or demolish and rebuild, a formal inspection by an expert is essential. Over the decades, materials and techniques in post frame construction have been improved. Your existing structure must be sound before you can consider a remodel. A thorough inspection of the vertical members and trusses will determine the viability of continuing with the existing structure.

In some instances, rotting members can be reinforced or replaced, but the cost of saving the structure may not be worth the effort.

If the building is sound and the aging appearance is only cosmetic. Renovating or adding onto the original could be your best choice.

Advantages of Renovating the Existing Structure

If more space is needed, you might consider adding on to the existing structure. One of the best aspects of a post frame building is that adding and connecting additional space is often easier than with a stick-frame or masonry building. This is assuming the adjoining real estate allows you to attach a new section. The widely spaced, weight-bearing posts let you connect the old with the new more easily.

Note that adding to the length of the building is far simpler and more cost-effective than trying to widen your existing post frame building.

When adding onto or reconfiguring your building, you might want to consider new roofing and cladding. Additionally, updated landscaping can create a beautiful and uniform exterior.

Your current structure may be stable and only needs an interior renovation. Post frame buildings are the easiest to reconfigure since there are no load-bearing walls within. Consider your current and new floor plans and redesign to make the most of the existing space.

Don’t forget that you can also add interesting and useful space in the attic or second floor of your building. These areas are ideal for an office, private den or man cave, tack room, or even extra storage.

Alternatively, if you have given up on your old building, remember there is a cost to razing and removing all the parts. While some components of the structure may be reusable, most will likely need to be hauled away.

When Building a New Post Frame Building is Better

If the original structure is showing its age or the effects of severe weather conditions, a certified building inspection is needed. If the expense of an upgrade and renovation of the old building is substantial or prohibitive, it is best to start over with a custom design.

When starting over in the same location as the old building, site prep should be reduced since the ground will already be level.

You can also enjoy the benefits of newer materials and technology. These will make your structure more functional, longer-lasting, energy-efficient, and more attractive. You can also add exterior features like dormers and alcoves, plus specially designed entries. Adding these can make your new post frame building have a more elegant, appealing appearance.

Renovate or Start Over: Ask the Experts

With over forty years as a leader in the post frame construction industry, Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings in Northern Indiana understands the dilemmas that many building owners face. While having a new structure can be exciting, it can also be costly. If renovation is possible, you may realize the same result with a renovated post frame structure.

The professionals at Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings in Northern Indiana will be glad to discuss the situation with you. As designers, suppliers, and builders of top-quality post frame buildings, Pacemaker understands every element of the business.

For advice and information and to see examples of many successful post frame projects, visit the Pacemaker website.

Or call 888-834-4448, and one of our professionals will be happy to answer your questions.


Top Tips for Adding an Addition to Your Post Frame Building

Top-Tips-for-Adding-an-Addition-to-Your-Post-Frame-Building-315Post frame buildings are undoubtedly the easiest for adding on a new addition if you have the available real estate. The efficient use of materials and labor result in shortened design and build time. Therefore, a new addition to your post frame building will complement the existing structure, add space, and functionality in less time.

Considering a New Addition

It happens – you build your structure, and it is perfect for your needs. But, over time, no matter how far ahead you planned, your business or farm needs to grow, perhaps even faster than you expected. You realize you must add more space for work or storage.

Is adding on to your existing building a practical and affordable solution? It can be. Working with a reputable, experienced post frame company, you are able to sketch out your dream addition. Making sure to incorporate all additional storage, operating space, offices, and spare rooms that you now need.

Note that a post frame addition can also be a sensible and economical solution for adding on to other types of construction.

Adding an Addition to Your Post Frame Building

Here are three considerations to discuss with your design professional regarding a new post frame addition:

1. How will the addition best fit on the existing lot?

To determine which direction your addition should be facing,  consider how the existing structure is placed on your lot. As well, consider how it will be accessed.

First, understand local codes and regulations to determine how closely your building can approach your lot boundaries and other possible restrictions

Next, identify the optimal connection point of your existing building and the addition. Ideally, the new addition will require minimal rearrangement in your current buildings.

Connecting your existing structure to the addition is much simpler than with other types of buildings. Due to the wide spacing of post frame vertical posts.

What about access and approach? With the new addition, will trucks and other equipment still be able to access the overall structure without excessive maneuvering?

Finally, drainage is an essential factor. Assure the ground around the new structure is appropriately graded to ensure moisture drains away from the entire building.

2. Putting Additional Stress on the Existing Structure

If the addition is dependent upon the existing building for support, you may be creating undue stress on the original support system. Lean-to’s or additional openings that are not built with support elements can redistribute weight and pressure that can cause problems.

Consult a structural engineer to determine if your design might create a bigger issue. In most instances, your post-frame building addition design should integrate its own support elements.

3. Upgrading the Appearance of Your Overall Structure

Your enterprise has grown, and you should present an attractive appearance and image for your building. A well-designed post frame addition should not only enhance the original structure but also improve the appearance of the entire combination.

The new section should blend seamlessly with the existing structure. Rooflines, exterior materials, colors, and patterns should coordinate to make the entire building appear that it was built at the same time. You might also consider upgrades to the original exterior during the new construction.

Post frame buildings can incorporate features, materials, colors, and styles similar to other types of buildings. While you are upgrading the functionality and appearance of the interior of your building, consider upgrading the exterior a priority as well.

Contact Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings

We are headquartered in North Webster, Indiana. Therefore Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings is ideally situated to provide materials, design, construction management, and equipment for professional post frame buildings in Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan. In addition, we have over 40 years of experience in the industry. And Pacemaker has been instrumental in the evolution of post frame materials and techniques that encompass far more than pole barn construction.

Today, post frame buildings are an economical choice for businesses, municipalities, schools, churches, equestrian centers, warehouses, residences, and more. You may view several of these applications in the Gallery section of Pacemaker’s website.

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