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Energy Efficient Pole Barn Homes


Want a pole barn home but having challenges finding a builder? Check out Post Frame Builders. A Pole Barn and Post Frame building use virtually the very same

Practical, durable, and economical to build and operate, post frame buildings provide the logical answer for versatility and design flexibility. Owners, designers, and architects choose post frame construction today for many types of buildings, even custom homes.

Why has post frame building popularity surged?  Post frame buildings are the most energy efficient and sustainable option for home construction. Let’s look at the reasons.

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Comparing the Total Cost of Post Frame Buildings vs Traditional Construction

Comparing the Total Cost of Post Frame Buildings vs Traditional ConstructionIn recent years, a growing number of towns, businesses, and homeowners have chosen post-frame construction for their schools, warehouses, agricultural buildings, residences, and more In addition to practicality, energy efficiency, durability, attractiveness, sustainability and a short time to completion, decision-makers also like the lower cost of post frame building methods. In this article, we compare the total cost of post frame buildings vs traditional construction.

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What is a Post Frame Building? 

What is a Post Frame Building-315Post frame is simply another proven method for framing a building. Compared to traditional “stick framing” or metal construction, modern post frame methods require less material per cubic foot. Additionally, a post frame building advantages include simpler site preparation and a shorter design-to-build time.

The result is a durable, practical, attractive, and more energy efficient building. Because of the many efficiencies, a high-quality post frame building often costs less than a comparable stick or metal frame structure.

Post frame buildings are often confused with earlier pole barn construction. However, modern methods and materials allow post frame buildings to serve an extensive range of attractive civic, commercial, educational, industrial, and residential structures. Post frame buildings offer a broad, open expanse with no interior load-bearing walls or intrusive columns. Perfect for warehousing, retail, and large equipment storage. As well, post frame continues to be the optimal choice for agricultural buildings like horse barns, tractor and equipment storage, tack rooms, and many other uses.

Properly constructed post frame buildings meet or exceed all building code requirements.

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