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Post Frame Buildings: Spray Foam vs. Regular Insulation

Post-Frame-Buildings insulation.Should you use spray foam vs regular insulation for your post frame building? One of the proven benefits of a modern post frame building is how energy efficient it can be. This is due to a more uniform insulation application throughout the walls and ceiling. The uniformity is possible due to the relatively large distances between the vertical wooden columns. This offers fewer interrupted “breaks” that allow energy to escape.

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Why Post Frame Buildings are Perfect for Commercial Use


Pioneer's commerical post frame building.No other building method is quite as versatile and economical as post frame construction. This is because no other style offers the same amount of open, uninterrupted space. Post frame buildings are perfect for commercial use. From vehicle and equipment maneuvering to rows of shelving and displays with continuous sightlines. Additionally, post frame construction can offer maximum storage capabilities for your needs.

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Energy Efficient Pole Barn Homes


Want a pole barn home but having challenges finding a builder? Check out Post Frame Builders. A Pole Barn and Post Frame building use virtually the very same

Practical, durable, and economical to build and operate, post frame buildings provide the logical answer for versatility and design flexibility. Owners, designers, and architects choose post frame construction today for many types of buildings, even custom homes.

Why has post frame building popularity surged?  Post frame buildings are the most energy efficient and sustainable option for home construction. Let’s look at the reasons.

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